20 Unique Themes For Birthday Parties

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We have the best themes for birthday parties that will help you make your upcoming celebration one to remember!  When you choose a fun and unique theme for birthday parties, your guests will have even more fun. Today we’ll cover  a few helpful tips for themed birthday parties, and discuss the importance of a themed birthday party and why it  matters when you want to pull off a successful event.

Our creative theme ideas for birthday parties and popular birthday party themes are essential for unique celebrations.  We’ll even look at a few age-specific birthday party themes. An event photo sharing is a perfect way to add a  unique and engaging element to any type of party. The team at Esstart is here to help you make your next birthday  party, no matter the theme, one your guests will remember forever!

Anyone can throw a party, but when you really want the guest of honor to feel special, a themed birthday party is the  way to go! Our team has gathered 20 unique themes that are sure to be a hit for both the honoree and all the guests.  Keep reading to get some great ideas that’ll help you throw a celebration to remember.

Choosing the Right Theme

The main considerations to make in choosing the right theme are the age of the child or celebrated person, their  hobbies and interests, where the event will occur, and even the time of year. Let’s take a look at 20 great examples to  pick from.

Creative and Unique Birthday Party Themes

These themes are perfect ideas that you can tailor even more to fit the birthday girl or boy even more!

1. Under the Sea

This is a perfect theme for all ages and seasons. Create an underwater theme using fish, mermaids, and coral beads as  party favors.

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2. Super Heroes

This is perfect for any child who loves a superhero. The best part is, that guests can dress up as their favorite heroes and enjoy games and activities with a superhero theme.

3. Princess Party

Similar to a tea party, but with more pink! A related theme is a Barbie party that invites guests to dress as Barbie and  Ken. Cupcakes and pink candy give the theme visual interest.

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4. Unicorns and Ponies

If your child loves ponies, consider a unicorn and pony party theme. You’ll be able to fill gift bags with stuffed plush  toys and offer bouncy castles and confetti cakes.  

5. Pirates

Many kids love dressing up like pirates and pretend sword fighting. This is a great theme for children who are a little  bit older and might feel like they’ve outgrown younger themes.

6. Western Cowboys

Cowboy and frontier themes are perfect for outdoor parties. If you have enough room, a petting zoo or pony rides will  add to the fun.  

7. Astronauts and Planets

This is a perfect theme for most ages and interests. A field trip to a local planetarium is the perfect way to kick off the  festivities before returning home for planet-shaped cakes and party favors.

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8. Lego Building

If you want to provide a party for your child’s friends that comes with built-in guest gifts, a Lego party is the way to go!  The kids will be occupied with building their Lego creations.  

9. Winter Wonderland

It can be difficult to host a kids’ party during the colder months, but an indoor winter wonderland is the way to go!  They can create snowflake cookies, enjoy hot chocolate, and other winter-themed delights.

10. Pool Party Theme

Even if you don’t have a pool, a pool party theme is a lot of fun. Decorate the house with inflatable floaties, serve luau inspired dishes, and let the fun begin!

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11. Fall Harvest

Pumpkin carving, hay rides, and bobbing for apples are all fun activities that are perfect for fall birthday celebrations.  You can also have a scarecrow-building contest to give out fun prizes and party favors.

12. Arts and Crafts

Older children enjoy having activities at parties, especially when they can take their creations home. Arts and crafts  can include decorating tee shirts, painting, and decoupage.

13. Ranch and Farm

Create an indoor ranch and farm theme with roosters, chickens, and cows. Enjoy treats like corn on the cob, burgers,  and apple pie with a built-in dress code.

13. Outside Movie Night

It’s easier than you might think to create an outdoor movie screen using a sheet. Lawn seating with snacks like  popcorn and raisinettes complement a themed dressing plan based on the birthday child’s favorite film.

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14. Campfire Celebration

Overnight parties complete with campfires, s’mores, and sing-alongs will be sure to be a hit for the birthday boy or girl  in your family. Plan a scavenger hunt before it gets dark and the ghost stories begin.

15. Candyland

What child doesn’t love candy? A pick ‘n’ mix candy bar will give them their fill of all their favorite sweets. Be sure

there’s plenty of room to run around playing outdoor games to help burn off some energy!

17 .Gingerbread House Making

Holiday birthdays can be difficult to plan for, but centering a party around building gingerbread houses is a great  option. It’s not too Christmassy, but still in keeping with the holiday season vibe.

18. Fancy Tea Party

Older kids enjoy dressing up and feeling sophisticated, making this a wonderful option for a birthday party for tweens  or older. Imagine the suits, or tuxedos and all the long dresses and jewelry. Not to mention the china for the elevated  tea party!

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19. Spring Celebration

Bunnies, tulips, and marshmallow chicks are the perfect way to celebrate birthdays in the spring season.

20. Murder Mystery

Create a country estate setting to stage a murder mystery for birthday kids who are young teenagers. This is an  exciting theme that’ll be sure to be talked about for weeks to come!  

Tips for a Successful Themed Birthday Party

With the right planning, you can create a memorable celebration, even on a budget. Fun features like a event photo sharing add a unique and memorable touch to any event, no matter the occasion. Specialty cakes are another way to  create visual interest at the event. And, the ever-popular Instant Spotlight is the perfect way to capture memories that  will last a lifetime.  


Choosing a themed birthday party shows the celebrant that you care about them. And, even more importantly, it  shows that you pay attention to their interests and hobbies. Creating an event that’s built around the birthday boy or  girl’s favorite things will delight them even more than a non-themed party. Happy planning!


What are good themes for a birthday party?  

The best themes are the ones that reflect the celebrant’s interests and hobbies and are age-appropriate. The more  interactive they are for guests, the better.

How do I choose a birthday theme?  

The best way to choose a theme for a child’s birthday party is to center it around their favorite things. Whether it be  spaceships, dinosaurs, or popular cartoon characters, choosing a theme that’s important to the child is the best way to  go.

Does a party need a theme?  

Birthday parties are always a lot of fun, even when they don’t have a theme. But, when you select a theme that’s fun  for everyone that attends, the event will be sure to be more memorable.  

How do I find a party theme?  

This article includes a lot of fantastic ideas to help you get your creative juices flowing! Once you have an idea of the  theme that’ll work best for the event, check out your local party store or favorite internet site to find props, costumes,  and party favor

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