9 Wonderful Birthday Gift Ideas from Your Children to Their Grandparents

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Our grandparents shouldn’t be left out of the gift-giving process, even if they consider your presence as the optimal present. Even something as simple as a card can brighten up their day, as they get to read your kind words over and over. They’ll appreciate what you think of them.

How to Choose the Best Birthday Gift for Your Grandparents

Most of the gifts on this list will cost money, meaning they won’t be directly from your children. But that doesn’t mean your children didn’t play a role in picking them out or wrapping them!

1. Cozy Blanket and Warm Slippers: For Poor Circulation

Everyone needs a nice warm blanket and a cozy pair of slippers, but your parents may need them more once they get older. Find a good pair of moccasins and a plush/heated blanket that are easy to wash. Then, hide a few notes, cards, or drawings from your children inside them.

2. Bird Feeder or Gardening Supplies: For Outdoorsy Types

The elderly commonly take up gardening as a hobby, and why wouldn’t they? You get to enjoy the great outdoors while growing crops and flowers. We recommend purchasing gardening supplies (or making a bird feeder), then asking your artistic/creative child to paint around it.

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3. Personal Cookbooks or Yummy Sweets: For Serious Foodies

A custom cookbook is a beautiful gift for your parents, especially if your children’s artwork is included inside. However, if your family has a traditional recipe book, consider ordering a few sweets or a “make your own ice cream” set, so your family can eat them together.

4. Happy Birthday Video: For Remote/Distant Relationships

If your children can’t see their grandparents in person, create a happy birthday video and send it to them. Composing your happy birthday video doesn’t have to be difficult or require several takes. In fact, the bloopers will add to the charm, so just press play and have some fun with it!

5. A Roomba or Other Self-Cleaning Tool: For Chronic Illnesses

Cleaning with chronic pain is always a challenge, and it may be hard to suggest an alternative to your parents. Children are more in tune than we think they are, so they may ask to buy some sort of self-cleaning tool, like a Roomba, Swiffer, or steam mop, to help out their grandparents.

6. Puzzles or a Favorite Board Game: For Any Grandparent

Puzzles and board games are fun, leisurely activities that most adults and children enjoy. To make sure this activity is enjoyable for everyone, pick a 250-piece puzzle or a quick-play board game. Both don’t require a lot of time and aren’t typically hard on the hands, eyes, or back.

7. Framed Photo, PhotoBook, or Calendar: For Any Grandparent

We all enjoy looking at photos from the past, regardless of how old or young we are. Before putting together an album or calendar, take a few extra photos just for the grandparents. For example, they could be holding an “I love grandma/grandpa sign” or drawings they’ve made.

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8. Subscription Box or Online Subscription: For Any Grandparent

If your parents love movies and watching television shows, consider paying for a streaming stick or subscription streaming service. Or, you could pay for The Criterion Channel (on demand) or an online course. Your family could learn something new or watch a movie/tv show together.

9. Anything Homemade or Handmade: For Any Grandparent

As parents, we’re pretty easy to impress! A homemade breakfast or lunch, or a handmade trinket, like a figurine or a knitted scarf, will surely bring a smile to your own parents’ faces. Ask your child to make something for their grandparents, and I’m sure they’ll be happy to oblige.