How to Plan a Perfect Celebration After the Baptism of Your Baby

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As the very first Sacrament of Initiation your child will be receiving, Baptism is a special time for parents, grandparents, Godparents, and extended family and friends. It is the sacrament where baby is welcomed into the church community and as a new member of the family, a celebration is called for. Don’t we celebrate other important days in our lives?

We celebrate birthdays, graduations, special honors in school and in the military, and any day that is important in the life of that person, all the way through to retirement. This day is especially important in the life of a Catholic because it is the first of three sacraments of initiation, meaning, the first of three that will confer on your child full membership in the Community of Christ, His Church, the Holy Roman Church that dates back to the time of St. Peter. Following Baptism, your child will receive First Communion and then, as a young teen, will be Confirmed, usually by the Bishop of the diocese. Baptism is an important first step in your child’s journey as a faith-filled Catholic.

Step 1: Prepare a Guest List

First on the list will be close family and, of course, the baby’s Godparents. You will also want to find a special gift for the Godparents in thanksgiving for their commitment to be there for your child in matters of faith if you cannot, for some reason, be there. There are a number of religious products you can choose from, but no matter how big or small, it’s an important token of your appreciation. Next, move on to other family members and friends for your guest list that you know would love to share this day with you.

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Step 2: Choose a Location

Once you have a close estimate of who you believe will be there, it’s time to choose a location for your celebration. Some families celebrate right there on the grounds of the church, in the parish hall, for example. Others choose a restaurant with sufficient accommodations for the number of people you believe will attend. You can even host the party at home if you’d like, but remember, it’s a lot of work and you’ve an infant to care for as well!

Step 3: Plan the Refreshments

Whether you order a meal banquet style at a local restaurant or choose to host the party at home, planning the refreshments is important to do early. If hosting at home, shop early enough to get all the items you need. You might even want to prepare some items in advance and freeze them until the day of the celebration.

Step 4: Hire or Name a Photographer and Videographer

This is an important part of planning your baby’s baptism celebration because they are obviously too young to recall anything that happened on this day. Be advised that some churches frown upon flashes inside the church, so ask first before flashing away! Whether you hire a professional or name someone in your circle of family or friends to take photos and videos, this is an absolute must for baby’s memory book.

It takes a little planning, but with an event this important, the celebration is an absolute must. At birth, you welcomed baby into your family. Now it’s time for the church family to welcome baby into theirs.

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