12 Healthy Halloween Treats Ideas That Your Kids Must Like

There are many candy-filled festivals including Halloween Festival often results in your kids loading up…

There are many candy-filled festivals including Halloween Festival often results in your kids loading up on sugar, which is not good for health. All of us know that refined sugar, artificial colors, and flavours may harmful to kids health. But during the Halloween season, it is difficult to get away your kids from these unhealthy candies. Eating healthier can be equally as delicious, will be hard for parents. But getting some tips, you can have Halloween treat ideas that your kids must like. The below mentioned Healthy Halloween Treat Ideas could help you to make a treat for your kids that isn’t made up of pure sugar.

Halloween is a time for tricks and treats, but that doesn’t mean you need to spook your kids’ diet! You can also collect the best kid’s eBook Gobble-Up Goblin which contains full of Halloween teat for kid’s ideas, interesting pumpkins candy ideas with full of nutrition and many more. These healthy Halloween treats are full of festive spirit without all of the extra sugary calories.

Veggie and Fruit Inspired Treat

This may be one of the ideas of the easiest and healthy treat for your baby, and you can simply peel, cut and arrange a selection of organic strawberries, clementines, blueberries and grapes and give these fruit in a Halloween shape that must attract your child.

1. Banana Ghosts

You can freeze the banana and then cut and shape these bananas as ghosts by making small eye by adding small chocolate chips on banana, and these ghost shape banana piece must attract your baby and make them eat.

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2. Halloween Sweet Potato Fries

Make Sweet Potato Fries, First of all Peel the sweet potato and cut them Halloween shape with the help of the vegetable cutting tool. These yummy sweet potato fries to go with Halloween dinner.

3. Frankenstein Kiwis

This adorable Frankenstein Kiwis with little Frankenstein guys is on your Halloween fruit tray, which is good in look and healthy.

Treats Your Little Goblins Will Gobble Up

Shop for wholesale chocolates to give your kids enough of a Halloween sugar high. Dress up your kid with nice Halloween costume and give your favourite sweet snacks the Halloween treatment too with this fun, festive theme.

4. Spider Cup Cake

Bake a cup of cake and decorate these cups by adding with spider leg shaped eating materials on it which resembles like a spider. Your children must enjoy this shape.

5. Tangerine Pumpkins

Treats don’t always have to be unhealthy. The Tangerine Pumpkins is very easy to make and take hardly 10 mins to prepare. Pill out the orange or tangerine and then simply add a piece of celery to the top of the tangerine, which looks like a pumpkin and more attractive.

6. Apple Monsters

As most of the kids love Monsters cartoon they definitely like this Apple Monsters treat. The food materials which you need to prepare this Apple Monsters are available in your kitchen. You required two slices of red apple and spread peanut butter both the apple slice and mini-marshmallows between the slices. Put two mini marshmallows on a toothpick for making the shape of the eye. And then add two small black sprinkles or dots of chocolate frosting for pupils.

7. Claw Cupcakes

Take cup cakes and put cut marks on the cake by the help of knife and into the cut marks add some red jelly or red jam which really look like a claw mark of the animal with blood mark, this is very interesting treat idea for your baby.

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8. Veggie Skeleton

If you want a fun way to get your child to eat more vegetables in this Halloween. This adorable veggie skeleton will be the best idea of healthy Halloween treat for your kids. Get a plate of white cream and make eye with cutting black cheery or grapes then by different vegetables give the shape of skeletons, arms, hand, leg and foot etc. Your child must like this attractive horror look Veggie Skeleton and attract them eat, in this way goodness of all vegetables enter your kid’s body.

Most parents I spoil their kids in the month of October during Halloween with lots of sweets, but we all know that overloading on sugar obviously isn’t healthy. It also changes your baby’s taste buds and leaving nutritious food not as appealing. So get kids to eat healthier options is to just make it FUN! It is a very clever way to preparing non-candy and healthy treat for them.

9. Pizza Fingers

Cut the pizza into nice and thin and place a triangular-shaped and then add red bell pepper on the ends to form ugly but tasty fingers. These Pizza Fingers really looks like the cutting fingers of ghost. Children must love this.

10. Mummy Toast

Mummy Toast is not only the great treat idea of your baby but also healthy. It is the creatively made recipe that is perfect for your toddlers. This recipe is very easy to make and can be prepare in less time. You can just hummus spread on toast with courgette ribbons and olive eyes. And serve it in dinner or breakfast also.

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11. Silly Face Smoothie

Make a delicious green colour Smoothie and put granola for hair, dried fruit (like cranberries or raisins) for eyes, and then add some mini marshmallows for funny teeth. Your baby must love this Silly Face Smoothie and drink this healthy drink.

12. Halloween Bat Energy Bites

Make mixture of salty and sweet. Add some chocolate pudding mix, natural peanut butter, and crisped rice cereal and give this mixture a round ball shaped as a body of the bat shape. And make wings of this Bat with the help of broken blue corn chips. And put large eye decoration candies to the front f the ball which looks like a bat.

Halloween is the biggest festival of the year and is never complete without reading or listening to a spooky Halloween story at bedtime. After the healthy treat for your kid find some fun stories that will give your kids a bit of a scare, but not have them screaming in true terror. Bedtime stories are a beautiful part of childhood, so go for the best book collection of scary stories for kids which will be perfect for the education of Halloween. Halloween night time story is the best part of your surprise ideas for your baby.


Hope this article will help you to prepare a healthy and non-candy Halloween treats for your toddler. These healthy ideas are easy, quick, and SO adorable. Your baby definitely enjoys this coming Halloween festival with these healthy treats and ideas, which add some vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and fibre to your kid’s body as well. These fun Halloween recipes for kids are not only delicious, but they’re also so simple to make. So Enjoy the Halloween month with these healthy treats.