17 Baby Costume Ideas For Halloween in 2021

Halloween, one of the biggest parties on the American social calendar is just around the corner. Rather than go with a generic costume idea. Wouldn’t it be fun to dress up your baby in an adorable Halloween-themed outfit? It is time to dress up your baby so that he or she can look spookier than ever.

Have you started thinking about your baby’s costume yet? If you’re looking for a baby Halloween costume that will look adorable on your little pumpkin. Then we have a wide selection of styles and ideas that all feature fun and unique designs.

If you are not sure about what kind of theme you want for your baby’s costume. Then why don’t you try looking through these 17 amazing costumes ideas? This blog post is to help parents with baby costumes for Halloween in 2021.

Best Baby costumes Ideas for Halloween Night!!!

There are so many baby Halloween costumes are available for your kids. Below a Halloween costume list is perfect for those kids who are going to celebrate their first Halloween with their whole family. There are also some ideas for baby Halloween costumes for your little girl and they are:

1. Hedgehog baby costume:

If you are looking for something that both the mother and the child enjoy then this might be your best bet. This Halloween costume will not only be gaining attention at any Halloween party. But it will also give the baby an opportunity to feel comfortable while wearing it.

You can easily get this outfit by following some simple steps on eBay or Amazon. In fact, Amazon provides some exclusive offers to buy it. If you have a baby with you then it might not be the best option. Because going out with a baby will require a lot of extra energy and time. These are the best infant Halloween costumes as well.

2. Wild Thing baby costumes:

This costume is for both girls and boys. This one can be considered the best option for your baby. If you are looking to dress up him or her in some wild animal’s fur. The costume can be considered as a full body unit that comes with attached booties, mittens, ears headbands, and a tail. This is a great idea if you are looking for something comfortable to wear. This full-body suit can be worn by both the mother and the baby. The only thing that you have to look out for is comfort. Also, it should bring out the inner beast in your little one.

3. Llama baby costumes:

How is it that you’ve never thought about dressing up your little one as a llama? If you want to look unique from the rest of the people. Then why don’t you try out these three llama costumes? They are really adorable and will make your baby stand out. Well, when you look through pictures you will realize how cute they would look.

This Halloween costume is for your little one if he or she likes to go on adventures. It comes in a two-piece design where you have an overall with attached booties, mittens, ears headband, and a tail. This will no doubt make your baby look like a real-life llama. You can find this on Amazon. As well as this is the perfect Halloween costume for your little one.

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4. Ramen baby costume:

Ramen baby Halloween costumes are considered as best costumes for your baby skin. If you want to give him the most adorable Halloween costumes, then get this baby costume. This cute little attire is highly accessible in online stores. This type of costume is made with 100 percent pure cotton.

To give it that professional look, the maker recommends you iron it on low to medium heat. The cute idea would work well for twins if mom had two babies to dress up. The adorable ramen costume is actually a onesie and works best in a baby costume store. With a layette collection designed specifically for newborns to six-month-olds.

5. Skunk baby costumes:

This Halloween, give your baby the most unique look with this skunk costume. This black and white outfit is definitely an eye-catcher. The body of the cute little animal with its signature cap gives it a unique style. Your little one would be super comfortable and can have so much fun. This stunning Halloween costume is cute and comfortable. It will keep your baby cozy throughout the party with its soft cotton fabric. Your baby dressed up easily if you giving these Halloween costumes.

6. Lantern baby costume:

A lantern baby costume is a great idea for Halloween because it is very easy and comfortable to wear. All you need to do is wrap the child in white cloth and put a lantern on his/her hand. This is a great costume for those wanting to stay away from the traditional Halloween styles.

The baby can be dressed as a large lantern. A lantern baby costume is exactly as described– a baby dressed up like a lantern. The possibilities are endless with this one, and it’s sure to be a hit. These Halloween costumes would be perfect for babies who going to celebrate their first Halloween. With this adorable costume, your baby can have so much fun. This is exactly what you looking for you kid.

7. Dorothy baby costume:

This is an adorable idea for Halloween costumes. It can be made with gray bibs and booties. They are covered in sparkly silver fabric. A shiny blue pettiskirt that has Dorothy’s red dress. It attached bottom half makes this costume look even more amazing. Don’t forget to add some cute little socks with red glitter on top. Etsy shop LilyandMaxCo crafts a three-piece Wizard of Oz-inspired set with a personalized romper. This great accessory also comes with an additional matching pink headband. It has the cutest character for your infant Halloween costumes.

8. Flamingo baby costume:

Flamingo baby costume is the simplest and cutest baby Halloween costumes idea. Flamingo costumes are the perfect outfit for the first Halloween. Not only do they take advantage of everyone’s favorite accessory. But also the parents can find a matching costume for themselves. These comfortable costumes are super easy to put on and take off. So you can avoid any tantrums. Made from hypoallergenic fabrics and fully lined, the only drawback is that it can’t be tumble-dried. Just dress the baby in pink and buy an inflatable Flamingo.

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9. LadyBug baby costume:

With this cute and easy little outfit, your baby will be the cutest critter on the block. LadyBug baby Halloween costumes are the greatest choice for those parents who want to highlight their kid’s feminine side. You can dress your little girl as a bug and make her look like a real-life ladybug. This fun costume shows your kid’s personality and makes him or her look like a sweet toy. However, one thing you should keep in mind is that this costume is not machine-washable. And it needs special care while washing it.

10. Lion baby costumes:

Lion baby costumes are always popular choices for guardians. The child can be a roaring lion in this outfit. Once they see your kids dressed up as their favorite animal. You’ll want to stand back and let the photo ops happen without interference on your part.

Lion baby character costumes are also one of the simplest and cutest baby Halloween costume ideas. Just dress the baby in yellow and buy an inflatable Lion head to complete the outfit. However, you can also buy a lion costume without buying an inflatable head. This simple yet beautiful lion costume is perfect for your child’s first time trick-or-treating. This is also a great idea for infant costumes.

11. Walrus toddler costumes:

These adorable walrus costumes are a great option for toddlers. They will be warm and cozy all night long. But the best part is that you can dress up as a polar bear or any other Arctic animal. Walruses and their calves look pretty similar in the thralls of infancy. A great way to teach kids about protecting the environment.

Without having them wear full-sized adult costumes. The walrus costume is designed out of a whirled chenille, the same fabric used to make lightweight baby blankets. This is the best option of costume for the 9-month Halloween costume boy. They will keep your little one warm on Halloween day. Get all the matching accessories to complete the look, like plush tusks, nose, fins, and even booties.

12. Baby Shark toddler costume:

These baby Halloween costumes are inspired by the internet sensation. This onesie is perfect for your infant. You can also get a matching toy prop that looks exactly like the real shark. Baby shark costumes are all the rage, even breaking into ‘trending’ on Halloween surge. Your kid will love wearing this Baby Shark inflatable. If they were able to talk, we are sure that they would ask you to buy a few more of these cool costumes for their friends. It makes a perfect Halloween outfit for babies and toddlers alike.

13. Baby Jack jack costume:

Baby Jack-Jack Halloween costume is the best choice for you. These baby Halloween costumes are the most famous and popular characters of all time. Which has received tremendous popularity throughout the world. This is a very important character in the movie “The Incredibles”, they are extremely pleased. If you really like this idea of ​​the outfit for Halloween, then it is necessary to make preparations in advance. This is a very simple and easy costume. But some things need to be done before you do it yourself. The overall design of the gown should fit perfectly with the shape of your baby.

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14. Dragon Toddler costume:

This is the perfect baby Halloween costume. If your baby loves dragons, then they’ll love this cute dragon costume. It’s also a great choice if you’re looking for a Halloween or birthday outfit. There are many different dragons that you could dress your child. Extremely comfortable to wear and easy to get on and off.

It will keep your little one warm and cozy no matter what the weather is like outside. Among other things, it’s funny and cute at the same time and will ensure that your child stands out in any crowd. It’s also great if you want your child to dress up as a dragon for Halloween.

15. Puppy baby costume:

This Puppy baby costume is all that you need to get the attention of everyone around. This Halloween costume is made from warm, soft fleece material that feels just like an actual puppy. Your little one will love wearing it on Halloween and to birthday parties. But it’s ideal for any special occasion. It has fold-over hand warmer mitts that are attached at the ends so you never have to be concerned about losing them. This is also the perfect option for baby girls.

16. Monster toddler costume:

Monster toddler Halloween costumes are the perfect ideas for your kid. Little monster toddler costume ideas can be used as a part of family costumes for Halloween or any other party. It is not just great, but it looks fantastic too. It also offers a wide variety of styles to choose from. If you want to make your kid stand out of the crowd then go for a more traditional monster child Halloween costume. Monster toddler costume ideas can be a black one-piece jumper that has a scary face print on it.

17. Baby Yoda costume:

This tiny Jedi also comes as a great idea for your infant. It is available in both genders and can be used as Yoda baby Halloween costumes. If you want to make it more interesting. Then you can paint the whole outfit with brown color and use green color on few parts. If your child does not like a cloth-wrapped outfit. Then you can choose a jumpsuit type one. This is also available in both genders. You can also use a toddler Yoda costume for your baby. Put on this costume with your baby and make sure that the face printed hood is falling nicely over their head. You can also wrap a quick diaper around it to create more depth.

In conclusion!!

The bottom line is that if you’re looking for a costume idea. Whether you’re looking for a funny Halloween costume idea or want to dress up your little one in something that’s adorable and sweet, we’ve got plenty of ideas. We hope these 17 baby Halloween costumes will help inspire your Halloween plans. Whether they are cute and funny or scary and spooky. There is something here to suit everyone. You can always make something unique out of clothes or toys to dress up as this year’s squishy favorite. What are you dressing up as? Let us know below the comment section.