10 Ways To Lift Your Mood In 60 Seconds Or Less

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work your boss needs to be done today? Are you having a hard time finishing a paper for school? Are you a mom who needs a break? These types of stressors can foster negative feelings and affect your mood and productivity. You might feel that challenging situations can lead you towards a more destructive state. If you let this happen, you might have a hard time recovering and pulling yourself back up.

Staying positive can become an uphill battle, especially when facing these different stressors in your life. Whenever you’re faced with a difficult situation or pressure, you may feel your emotions spiraling out of control.

To address the negativities in your life, here are 10 simple ways to improve your mood quickly:

Write Your Feelings In A Journal

Take some time to write about your emotions and thoughts. You should be able to put down some words, whether it is a short paragraph or as long as a page. Take your time and allow yourself time to absorb what you’re writing. By focusing on those negative thoughts and feelings, you’re more likely to change your thinking patterns and behaviors and get rid of your depression.

Declutter The Space Around You 

Seeing clutter can help fuel negative feelings. Clutter can also be a reminder of the things you need to accomplish, which can lead to frustrations. To reduce negative feelings, start arranging the things around you. If you’re feeling a little stressed in your office, start arranging papers and items that are cluttered on your table. You can also add little gems and trinkets like citrine, which has healing properties and promotes positive energy.

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Take A Short Walk

If you’re feeling stressed at home, take a short work outside to breathe fresh air. If you’re in the office, take a break for a few minutes and walk to a nearby coffee shop or lounge where you can rest your mind for a few minutes. Aside from that, changing your scenery will help you ease tension and frustrations.

Simplify Your Life

The act of thinking about the pending tasks on hand will immediately have adverse effects on your mood. Simplify your life by just thinking and doing what you can do today, and don’t worry about tomorrow. List all your pending tasks and make realistic deadlines for each of them.

Listen To Lively Music

There is more than just one thing going on to your brain when you listen to music. Many research studies have found that listening to music, which causes the body to release dopamine, actually triggers a brain’s neurochemical release. This is what causes the body to have a sense of well-being and happiness.

Listen Or Watch Inspirational Videos

One of the things you can do to uplift your mood quickly is to watch or listen to inspirational videos. There are tons of inspirational talks you can find online, and hearing stories of hope and positivity will help free your mind of negative thoughts.

Send A Message To A Trusted Friend Or Family

A quick way to release all your negative feelings is to talk about it. If you have a trusted friend or family member, send them a message about your feelings. This is another way of venting out your feelings if you’re not fond of writing it on paper.

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Look At Pictures

Thinking of happy memories helps improve your mood. Take a few seconds to look at some of your favorite pictures whenever you feel down. For some people, looking at pictures of their families or special someone not only improves their mood but also helps them feel motivated to continue with their work.

Force Yourself To Smile

Smiling for a minute will help your brain release happy hormones called Dopamine and Serotonin. It’s hard to maintain negative feelings when you’re wearing a smile. If it’s awkward to smile at yourself in the mirror, try smiling at a stranger when you walk past them or smile at a waiting serving your drinks. A simple smile can make a huge difference.

Watch Something Funny

Laughing will instantly change your mood. When you laugh, your brain releases those happy hormones like when you smile. Laughing improves your physical performance and reduces stress. Try looking for a funny video online or look for a funny memory from your photos.

Final Thoughts 

There is hope if you feel your emotions spiraling out of control and heading toward a more destructive state. The first and most important thing you need to do, as soon as possible, is to recognize your feelings. If you find yourself feeling down, anxious, angry, or depressed, take the time to sit down and understand the problem. The next time you feel yourself slipping into a depressed or self-destructive state, try one of these techniques for reversing your state in just 60 seconds or less.