Discovering yourself again in motherhood

To say having a baby and transitioning to becoming a mother is hard is a major understatement. There are many challenges, but as I am sure many mothers would agree and appreciate, it is certainly worth it in the end for your own and child’s happiness.

But let us talk about the process of losing yourself after having a baby. This is the case for a lot of mom’s as they struggle to cope with the multiple pressures placed on them. This short article hopes to shine a little light on some of the ways in which mothers can re-discover themselves.

Prioritize ‘you’ time

Taking a couple minutes or hours out of the day dedicated to prioritizing your wants and needs is paramount. Taking care of the kids and your family is unquestionably exhausting as the task is forever ongoing. So, forgetting to take time for yourself is rather common and easy to do. But, for the sake of you and your child it needs to be done.

There are a number of ways to achieve this. For example, if physical health is your priority, then taking care of your body through exercising has many benefits. For example, it can promote weight loss, improve your mood, and increase energy levels. Another way to fill up this time is by meditating or doing yoga. This will foster positive impacts for your mental and physical wellbeing. Benefits of meditation for mums include relieving stress and better managing your emotions or simply taking up an old or new hobby! However, you choose to fill it, make sure you schedule in some time for yourself.

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Re-vamp your wardrobe

Your fashion sense and style have likely changed several times throughout your life. After becoming a mum, unsurprisingly, your wardrobe may have altered significantly.
So, another key step to re-discovering yourself is to update it! Try switching up your go to clothes to something different. If leggings and tracksuits are what you find yourself reaching to, then spice it up every now and again and wear something that strays from your usual.

Gaining weight is very common and something that you should not be ashamed of when becoming a mother. So, perhaps, re-vamping your wardrobe also involves buying items of clothing that are of different sizes such as plus size jackets for women. However, you do it, purchase or thrift some new clothes and re-vamp for style.

Reach out

Another great tip is to reach out. This can be to your partner, friends, family, neighbors, or anyone you feel comfortable doing so with. The key here is to connect with someone and anyone that helps you feel uplifted and supported. This can be a daunting task for some but doing this is likely to make a world of a difference and perhaps even, help ground you back to normality. For example, re-connecting could be the bridge that helps you go back to doing the things you love such as travelling, going on coffee dates, or spending the night in the city.