Men Must Have These Underwear In Their Wardrobe

When it comes to wardrobe, one rule should be followed by both men and women, and that is – if it is going to go on first, it should be comfortable. Style comes second. The days of wearing anything just for the sake of looks are long gone, and you can literally find a ton of comfortable and good looking options to choose from. Because who doesn’t want to start their day feeling fresh and relaxed?

A good pair of underwear is more essential in your wardrobe than any other piece of clothing. Men’s sexy underwear is not that uncomfortable anymore. It is the first thing you put on, last to take off, and it is the closest to your skin. So break up with your old pack-of-three undies and update your wardrobe.

There are a couple of important things to keep in mind before making a purchase in this section. There is a variety of fabrics and designs in men’s underwear today. Each has its own pro’s and con’s, and it is important that you know exactly what you need.

Cotton can be a good option for breathability and comfort, but 100% cotton loses shape over time. On a more formal occasion, you can opt for a softer and silky fabric, but you will need a whole different pair for gym and workout sessions.

Since fashion trends have changed tremendously in the last decade, it has affected men’s lingerie as well. Some clothing requires fitted designs depending on the occasion while at other times you would rather go for a more comfortable option.

From the classic high-rise briefs to men’s bikini, we have created your ultimate guide to buying the right type of underwear as per your requirements.

Classic Boxer Briefs:

Boxer briefs are the most popular and versatile choice out there. Boxer briefs cover half of your thighs and provide full coverage, and support this is great for everyday use.

Calvin Klein knows how to make men’s undergarments that appear luxurious and are also comfortable. Their Body Modal Boxer Briefs look and feel great and have a fit that accentuates your body. The fabric is soft and stretchy, while the waistband is smooth and doesn’t feel tight on the skin. It comes with a pouch that protects and even enhances the package.

Comfortable Boxers:

These are, without a doubt, the most comfortable piece of lingerie that every guy possesses. These are super comfortable and are great to wear under loose clothing. They don’t provide much support as the cut is more wide and breathable than other underwear. But sometimes you don’t even want support, sometimes all you want is a comfort like when you’re spending a day off at home in the.
You can sleep in them as well, thanks to their loose and comfortable design. Boxers are good for sports just as long as you avoid wearing fit clothes over them

The Classic Cotton Knit Boxers by Polo Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford Zebra Silk Boxers are our top picks for both comfort and that extra style.

The classic cotton boxers are great to wear on more casual days while zebra silk is for formal occasions.

Mighty Trunks:

In the world of men’s lingerie, if there is one pair of underwear, most men are drawn towards for all the right reasons are trunks. They are comfortable and provides ample support at the same time. They look super-sexy as they are tight and sits perfectly on the hips with just the right amount of fabric, neither too much nor too low.

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They are great for men who are physically active, and their minimal design makes it possible to wear them with almost anything.

Our favorite is Calvin Klein Men’s Cotton Stretch Low-Rise Trunks and Cocksox CS68PRO Trunk Collection.

In our opinion, these trunks are the best underwear and offer pretty good durability and comfort.
Calvin Klein’s trunks are made with 95% cotton and 5% elastane, which makes them soft and breathable. Cocksox Pro is made of silky Modal fabric and has a contour pouch on the front.
These are a tad bit expensive, but they provide good value for money.

Less Fabric, More Formal Briefs:

Briefs are a guy’s best friend, and almost everyone owns one of them. They cover the package and backside perfectly but leaves the upper thigh and your entire leg exposed, making them the perfect choice for fitted clothes – skinny jeans and tight trousers.

They are great for everyday use because of the minimal design and lack of excess fabric. Our top pick for briefs, if you’re looking for good quality but not so expensive as to give you a heart attack is b.WRs Bundle 3-Pack and if you can afford a little luxury then go for Tom Ford Stretch-Cotton Briefs.

For the Gym:

Workout and sports have special requirements. You will need something with good coverage and support yet breathable because let’s face it, and you don’t know when things turn from comfortable into sweaty and itchy.

Adidas Men Sports Performance Climalite Boxer Briefs is the best for hot weather since they keep you dry while you perform your best.

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Fun and Playful:

Sport the bikini briefs while you’re out swimming or just wear them casually if you like the minimal coverage. They are fun, and we believe that you should own at least one pair of them.

These won’t protect much other than your package, but that’s pretty much what needs protection anyways. Also, did we tell you how sexy they are?

Cocksox Bikini Briefs are our top pick if you want a fun and comfortable yet high-performance underwear.

Sexy Thongs:

Thongs are just as minimal coverage as underwear can provide, except for G-string. Thongs are super sexy and are great for men who do not want waistlines and like to keep things in place using very little coverage with just a thin strip of clothing at the back, leaving the buttocks exposed. Not to say Thongs have a great sex appeal as well.

Cocksox 05SH Sheer Thong and Calvin Klein Men’s Body Thong are two options for you to choose from.

Seductive G-String:

Men are not the only one to have fantasies. Maybe your significant other wants you to wear sexy G-string to add some spice into your relationship, or maybe you just like to sunbathe and get all tanned up. In any case, you need to have a thong in your wardrobe.

Cocksox range of G-strings consists of solid colors, stripes, and other options for you to choose from, which are all so seductive that they will up your sex appeal in just one look.


These were just a few essentials we believe all men must have in their wardrobe. There are more choices available in the market, with different design and fabric collections. With so much variety, there is plenty of options for you.