7 Instagram Influencers That will Help You To be Fit

Ah, so you’re here to undoubtedly make new resolutions for your body right? Whether you are here to maintain your current body or to make positive changes in it, these fitness influencers who are very popular on Instagram will help you be motivated on your journey. Whether you are a gym freak or a homebody, you will have a lot from these influencers on how to take care of your body and health.

They have built a substantial following on their own, by consistently posting workouts, hacks, recipes, etc. which became popular on Instagram. Of course, they started long ago, but if someone wants to be a fitness influencer they will probably have to buy Instagram followers first to even start. Our list of influencers will catch your eye with their attitude towards fitness that motivates you to do the same.

So without further delay, let’s start those names!


Lauren Drain Kagan is a registered nurse, who has ventured into being a fitness trainer. She was in shape, but wanting to do more she decided to challenge herself and ended up becoming a WBFF Bodybuilding Pro, which is no easy journey. Look at her page if bodybuilding is appealing, you won’t be disappointed by the amazing things she has done with sheer determination and hard work. Her transformation is truly noteworthy.


Joe Wicks is highly popular on Instagram due to his short workout videos and 90-day plans. He doesn’t believe in crash diets or ones that deprive the body of nutrient sources, as he says a healthy and balanced diet is the key to fitness. His Instagram page is known for recipes too, which he uploads regularly. He has regular clients whose transformation pics he uploads to motivate others as well. He has quickly become popular on Instagram with his zeal and hard work.

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Emily Skye is a great choice for women who wish to lose weight post-pregnancy. She is an inspiration for those who wish to continue workouts during pregnancy as she has clips performing low-intensity workouts to keep the body fit during pregnancy too. With her focus on pregnant and post-pregnancy women, she has become an expert in that micro-niche. She is popular on Instagram as she does not make her audience have high hopes, only for them to come crashing down and sets achievable goals.


Cassey Ho started her YouTube channel called Blogilates in 2009 and quickly started making waves with he choreographed pilates, activewear, and core strengthening exercises. She has realistic goals designed for her audience and does not overwhelm them at any time. Her workouts are not only effective but also consider the time constraints of the people and are short. She has diversified her portfolio by creating relatable comics for her audience which are very popular on Instagram with many.


James Haskell is a former sportsman, who is very popular on Instagram since he has started focusing on a fitness theme. He has amassed much success and even went on to launch his fitness brand, “James Haskell Health and Fitness.” He believes that nutrition is just as important as exercise and tells his followers to eat healthy if they want to stay fit. Along with his wife, Chloe Madeley, a nutritionist and trainer, he has managed to build a successful empire in the fitness industry.

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Louise Green is by far one of the best fitness enthusiasts who shatters all the norms for fitness. She does not consider age or size to be of matter in a fitness journey, which can be seen by her amazing workout clips and the motivational captions she has. For any of you who think that fitness means a certain body type, look at her page that promotes body positivity. She has rightly earned being so popular on Instagram.


Peter Mac, from PMAC Fitness, is a well-known trainer who has worked with celebrities. He has made simplicity his theme and shares workout videos that can be healthy for all. He is the perfect role model if you want to make basic changes in your lifestyle to be fit. He is very popular on Instagram because of his regular healthy tips that give his followers a lot of motivation to stick to a workout.


When fitness is involved, Instagram is a great place to look for inspiration in the form of small workout videos and transformation pics. By identifying the right influencers that motivate you to do better, you will be tapping into a valuable resource, for free. Of course, this list is just of the ones we found to be the best and popular on Instagram, but there are many for you to consider. Tracking of all social media influencers is an impossible task, and trying to be a new one in the field is even more daunting, as you will have to buy Instagram followers just to catch up, so find the one that resonates the most with you.

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We hope this article has helped you identify the ones that fit your needs well, and you stick to your guns with your new fitness resolution. Don’t just stare at the screen now, check out their page! We wish you the best of luck on your fitness adventure.