Helix piercing! A complete guide to Aftercare and Myths Answered!

Helix piercing is an unconventional style of piercing and looks super amazing. It’s a fashion…

Helix piercing is an unconventional style of piercing and looks super amazing. It’s a fashion statement for many young girls. It is also known as the top ear piercing as it complements normal helix earrings collection.

The forward piercing style or cartridge piercing can completely change the way you look. So, if you want to look different, then opt for a helix piercing style.

But, before going ahead with this style, you must know the aftercare of it. If you don’t take aftercare, it can cause redness or infection in the area. This may then affect your health.

Tips on How to Take Care of Helix Piercing:

  • Once the piercing is done, it’s important to take care of it. Do not touch the area of the piercing and don’t allow anyone to touch it either. When you touch the area with unclean hands, it can cause infections.
  • If you need to touch the piercing area immediately after the process, then you must wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Don’t let your hands come in contact with anything before you touch it. Skin infections that are caused due to helix piercing can take a lot of time to heal so you need to be careful with this.
  • Clean the fresh wound two to three hours after it’s pierced. Don’t use any kind of cream instead use the piercing liquid given to you by the person who pierced your ears. Creams can cause the bacteria to build up which also causes skin infections.
  • You can also buy special cleaners that are available for piercing. Most of them contain tea tree oil or saline. Clean the area two to three times with the cleaners so that there is no chance of any skin infection. Depending on your skin, the healing process may take a longer time.
  • Stay hydrated and don’t eat heavy food. You need to drink enough water during the process of piercing and after the process to regulate your blood pressure. Dehydration may also increase the healing time so you need to have liquids. Don’t sleep on your piercing side as that’ll also cause discomfort.
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Myths of Helix Piercing

Helix piercing can take a few days to heal is a myth. It can take about three to six months for helix piercing to deal depending on the skin type.

Two or more helix piercing may take time to heal but you’ll feel fine after the piercing. There are no major skin infections if you take proper aftercare.

Another myth regarding helix piercing is that you’ll experience a lot of pain. This is not true as you’ll endure normal pain like any other piercing style. Most women don’t opt for this piercing because of the same reason.

In Brief,

There are so many styles available in the helix earrings collection that you’ll get confused. Keep the above tips in mind if you have decided to get yourself pierced. Choose from different metals and designs to change your look.