Who Need IVF Treatment?

The meaning of IVF is In Vitro Fertilization. It is one of the more well-known species of supporting reproduction technology (ART). One egg works to help by using the fertilized mixture of IVF sperm drugs and surgical procedures, and helps fertile egg implants in the womb.

First of all, you take medicines that make many of your eggs mature and ready for fertilization. Then doctors remove the egg from your body and mix them with a sperm in a laboratory, helps in fertilizing semen eggs. Then they put 1 or more impregnated eggs (embryo) directly into your uterus. If there is an implant in your uterus, then there is a pregnancy.

There are many stages in the IVF, and the whole process takes several months to complete. She sometimes works on the first attempt, but many people need IFF in more than one round to get pregnant. If the fertility issues increase your pregnancy opportunities, the IVF is definitely not there, but there is no guarantee – different body and IVF did not work for everyone.

Although its original purpose was to treat women with tubal disease, In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) can help couples overcome various types of infertility. For some diagnosis or conditions, such tubal factor, IvF may be the first line treatment. In other cases, IVF can be recommended while smooth treatment fails. Below is a list of common signs of IVF treatment:

Female having Fallopian Tubes Blocked

There are two options to treat significant tubal damage and / or pelvic adhesive diseases. The first option is to use artificial insemination or IUI to improve the tubes and natural pregnant or pregnant. In many cases, however, surgery is not a good option, because damage to tubes (s) and / or surgery can be very difficult, because there may be high risk of ectopic pregnancy surgery. In these examples the surgical option cannot be a high chance of success, because of the alternative treatment plans to pass the tube completely using IVF. Advanced Fertility Care Physician Our Mesa and Scottsdale, AZ Offices will have different treatment plans for each patient or couple, and if you have a tubal damage, so they can give you detailed information on each option so that you can make an informed decision.

Male with Severe infertility Issue

One of the most important advances in the treatment of infertility is the ability to fertilize a successful pregnancy with men and sperms and intense sperms. With ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), IVF has enabled abnormal sperm couples who cannot otherwise be able to perform abortions; the family may not be able to start. If the sperm is received by surgery, or if there is a pre-fertilization failure, ICSI is recommended repeatedly.

High Risk of Genetic Problems

If you and your partner are at risk of passing through a life-threatening gene disease, then IVF can be your best or the only option. This can also be true for couples facing miscarriage due to genetic problems. In this case, you will get PGS Or PGD With the need of IVF PGD ​​is for genetic diagnosis. This happens when the fetus is tested for a particular disease. PGS means pre-implantation genetic screening. This occurs when the fetus is usually checked for the calculation of normal chromosome. This test is not as reliable as PGD and it is considered experimental.

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When surrogacy is required

Surrogacy is also important option to consider if you are suffering from disorders like hemophilia, and Marfan syndrome. In surrogacy, the woman outsources her uterus to the intended couple until the birth. The IVF treatment along with surrogacy is comparatively more expensive, but it is an option for women that are suffering from the following circumstances.

  • If a woman is missing her womb, because she was born like that or she was removed for medical reasons, she could not conceive or imagine it. It can give birth to a baby by surrogate.
  • If a woman is ovary or cryopreserved eggs or ovarian tissues, then she can produce a biological child using the surrogacy. If not, then the egg donor can be used with biological father’s sperm cells. For this, everyone needs IVF.
  • If severe uterine factor is the case of infertility, surgery may also be required with IVF which can not contain surgery. A gay male couple who wants a biological child may need surrogacy with IVF treatment.
  • (Technically, the IRF can be avoided by using surrogate eggs and using artificial insemination with a sperm or sperm’s sperm donor. However, it can cause additional problems in legal problems and psychological problems. The reason is that it is usually more occasionally, with IVF and egg donor, biological mother’s egg or embryo donor.)


A small percentage of sterilized couples will require less than 5 percent IVF. For people who need IVF treatment, there are a number of reasons why they may not be able to move forward in the treatment. If you want to do IVF but worry about costs, be sure to pay attention to many credit options. If you do not want an IVF, do not worry about that decision. Deciding against IVF does not mean that you do not want to take the fertility lightly, “keep trying.” Do not force anyone to pressure you into whatever you want.

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