Where To Find Bible Lesson Materials For Kids

As early as childhood, faith develops. Therefore, parents want to nurture their children’s spiritual health…

As early as childhood, faith develops. Therefore, parents want to nurture their children’s spiritual health by teaching them to pray and read the Bible. This book contains God’s words that people can apply in everyday life.

Aside from the Bible, many bible lesson materials you can give to your children to help them understand their faith. Learn where you can find these lesson materials below.

1. Online

The online world provides a rich source of Bible lesson materials. You can buy materials for kids bible lessons online in books and Digital Versatile Discs (DVDs). For instance, Biblical lessons and booklet stories contain A Lord’s Prayer Lesson, An Apostles’ Creed Lesson, and The Beatitudes.

You can also buy signs of the Holy Week in a wooden tray used in religious education. The items include laser engraved eggs, a cross, felt eggs, egg-shaped underlay, and palm leaf. Children who show interest in religious symbols can learn from the crosses, which include eleven wood crosses, laminated control cards, wood boxes, and lavender underlay.

All Sunday school biblical lessons can help parents, teachers, and ministers to teach children about God by providing excellent quality bible educational materials. Older children, ages 13 to 18 years old, can better understand how the church carries out a service of Death and Resurrection through a guide that teaches them the order of the service.

2. Physical Worship Stores

You can also find Bible lesson materials for children in physical worship stores in your local area. These stores sell books, booklets, symbols, home decors, games, and spiritual educational materials for both kids and adults. Many worship stores are located strategically near churches.

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3. Religious Sites

If you have time to visit religious sites, like a pilgrimage in the Holy Land and other spiritual sites, you can find many shops selling Bible lesson materials. Some of the most common religious materials sold include rosaries, crucifix, prayer booklets, and statutes.

So, the next time you visit religious sites, make sure to take home religious educational materials with you. It’s also a good idea to bring your entire family for them to experience being in a close encounter with Christ’s birthplace and other sacred places in the world.

4. Churches

One of the best places to bring children and learn about Jesus Christ is the church. Parents should bring their children every Sunday for worship and thanksgiving. Be a role model to your children by being passionate about practicing your faith.

After the mass, you can introduce your children to the priest, who is willing to provide a short Biblical education to them. Show your children around the Church and answer their questions about the names of the saints and the symbols of the things they see around.

5. At Home

Your home should be equipped with Bible lesson materials too. Check your library or bookshelves because you might already have plenty of religious educational materials without you even noticing them. If you have an inherited home, your parents or grandparents may have some religious reading materials kept on shelves too.

You can set a dedicated corner or room at home as a religious area where children can read and discover God’s teachings through different Bible lesson materials. When your children are more exposed to these religious educational materials, they become more receptive to listening and knowing more about their faith. In this way, your children can attain spiritual enlightenment when they grow as mature adults.

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6. In The Community

Local communities usually have local libraries with religious educational materials. A tour of your local library can provide children more experiences where to find materials to grow their faith. Charity events in the community also sponsor giving away booklets, books, and other Bible lesson materials for children.

7. In School

Sending your children to a Christian or Catholic school can help them grow their faith and spirituality while learning academics. Schools are usually run by sisters and priests, with core Christian values and practices they teach to children. Teachers and professors of Christian schools are taught in Theology and other religious concepts to be effective in God’s words to children.


You can find Bible lesson materials for kids in online and physical stores. Regardless of the location or how you purchase the religious educational materials, make sure that the contents are relevant to your faith. Teach your children how to use these materials for prayer and meditation to grow their faith and become God-fearing and good citizens of the world.