How to Make Learning Math Fun: 5 Ideas

We are all aware that it can be frustrating to learn math. With the multitude of formulas and rules to remember, it can feel like a never-ending battle. But there are ways to make learning fun! Here are five ideas for you.

Being a math tutor sometimes can be quite challenging. You’ll come across the most interesting excuses and problems to stop you from teaching the language of numbers.

‘I don’t understand this question at all – math is too boring – oh no, my dog ate my homework.’

Well, if you struggle with kids every single day trying to teach them math, then it’s time you upscale things a bit.

Mathematics is indeed a boring subject to teach as well as learn. And, this universally acknowledged statement highlights the solution, too. You need to incorporate fun into the subject!

In today’s post, we have brought together five amazing ways to make learning math fun. Read more to unravel!

Use the Art of Storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful tool that is usable in a diversity of subjects. You can use it in mathematics too.

Listening to stories helps children develop better imagination and visualization skills. These skills enable the child to have a deep understanding of the content and improve their thinking capacity as well.

As a math tutor, you can engage your students on the topic with a story. You can start the lecture with it or explain various sums using it. Try to grab their attention by storytelling and make them feel interested.

Once you’ve their focus, convey the concepts disguised as a story. You can discuss even the trickiest topics in the form of a simple Jill and Ben story.

Try Math Hands-on Activities

Lectures and bulk sum-solving were the traditional methods of teaching. Today, we have so many other ways to help the children learn, such as hands-on experiences.

These experiences increase the information retention rate. A child who learns a math concept through activity is more likely to remember it than a boring lecture.

Some hands-on activities that you can try to include are:

• Addition Grab Bags – Fill two identical bags with blocks, balls, or another small object. Let the child take out some items from each bag. Then, ask to count them and make an equation on the provided blank worksheet.

• Egg Carton Problem Generator – Take an empty egg carton and label the depressions with numbers. Provide two marbles and put them inside. Next, ask the child to shake the box. Add/subtract/multiply the two numbers on which the marbles land.

Relate Math to Real Life

Perhaps, the most effective method without going overboard or spending too much time is to make math relatable.

Try to explain math through real-life examples and word problems. Avoid referring to foreign names and objects. Instead, better use the names of your students in problems, so that they can relate better.

You can also make math fun by incorporating it into other subjects your students are currently studying. For example, when teaching time, you can ask kids to calculate how many years back did a significant historic event happened?

Incorporate Visual Learning

Did you know that 90 percent of the information transferred to the brain is visual? And, our brains process visuals 60,000x quicker than text? Well, it means visual learning is an effective and fun method!

You can incorporate it into your lessons by showing your students educational videos or documentaries. Also, try online educational games to help children learn difficult concepts.

With a vast collection of games for math learning, ABCmouse ensures children understand and retain mathematical concepts effectively while having fun. These games employ visual and interactive learning methodologies to address different teaching needs.

Challenge Them!

Competition stimulates one’s mind to perform better and win. And so, you can use it to improve mathematics skills in children.

Try grouping the students, and give the team a name. Then, give them questions and ask them to solve. The first team to answer all correctly wins a prize. However, make sure all competitions you host are healthy and do not lead to discouragement on the losing side.

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