E-Learning and Teachers Using PowerPoint Presentations

The continuous advancements in technology have affected every sector, including education. With E-learning, teachers are…

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The continuous advancements in technology have affected every sector, including education. With E-learning, teachers are using technology to improve the learning system inside and outside the classroom.

Though books and boards remain vital to the learning process, the introduction of devices such as computers, smartphones, and tabs is creating a revolution. Students are finding knowledge more accessible than ever, while teachers now have a wide range of educational tools at their disposal.

PowerPoint is one of the top educational tools for teachers today as it makes lectures more engaging and convenient. In this article, we look at the role of PowerPoint presentations in technology-based learning.


One of the reasons why students interact poorly during lessons is boredom. Many teachers only focus on delivering their lectures without considering how their students view them. Hence, the students end up having little or no interest in the class.

PowerPoint is an effective solution for teachers looking to boost interaction in classes. It has several features that make lectures interesting, and in doing so, grab the students’ attention. As a result, smart teachers are using education infographics to make their lessons more engaging. For example, a teacher can grab the students’ attention by simply projecting a slide that’s asking an opening question.

Teachers can also make their quizzes more fun using PowerPoint. Students are bound to get more involved when they read questions on a screen than on paper.


The human brain processes images in 13 milliseconds. This is 60,000 times faster than it processes texts. Hence, it is easy to see why visual representations are essential for learning.

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By providing visual representations of lessons using PowerPoint, teachers give students a better chance of understanding. This is particularly true when it comes to charts and graphs. Students understand and memorize the data in charts and graphs more quickly when they are in visual form. For a better experience, teachers should also consider adding audio, animations, and videos to their PowerPoint presentations.

Educational Games

Kids love playing games a lot. Not only do they have fun while playing them, but they also learn a lot from them. This is why modern teachers are learning how to create games with PowerPoint. Educational games on PowerPoint are the best way to combine fun and learning when teaching younger learners.

Class Preparation

Lessons are more effective when students have an idea of what they are about even before they get to the classroom. Another great thing about PowerPoint is that it allows teachers to create course materials and make them available to students online.

Students can become well-prepared for their next lesson by going through these materials. They spend more time asking questions and listening to their teachers instead of just taking notes during class. They also get to review their course materials anytime they desire since they are always available online.

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning is one of the best ways is one of the best educational approaches for students of all ages. It simply refers to a process whereby two or more students come together to learn.

A teacher can improve collaborative learning in the classroom with the aid of PowerPoint. By creating a shared presentation, teachers can have their students work together on a topic. A slide can be assigned to each pupil to ensure that the entire class is involved in the process.

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Lab Sessions

Lab sessions are a vital part of the learning process and as a result, teachers need to ensure that they maximize them. Fortunately, PowerPoint can also make a lot of difference in the school laboratory.

Teachers can show instructions to students with the aid of slideshows. This saves teachers valuable time and energy. It also makes it easier for the students to understand the instructions. There will be a lesser chance of errors too.

PowerPoint As Worksheet

Sometimes, teachers have limited resources to work with and this can affect the quality of education in the classroom. A good example is how a teacher without adequate photocopying tools can struggle to provide sufficient worksheets to a large class. Fortunately, PowerPoint will come in handy in such situations.

With PowerPoint, teachers don’t have to rely on paper worksheets. They can simply display a worked example on one slide and provide a fresh problem on the next. This way, students only have to provide answers on their piece of paper.

Final Thoughts

Though PowerPoint in education has some criticisms, the pros outweigh the cons. PowerPoint templates make life easier for teachers by allowing them to create, edit, and share educational materials. Students also get great benefits from PowerPoint as it makes lessons more fun and motivates them to get involved. Teachers just have to learn the right way to use PowerPoint for educational purposes.