A New Mom’s Guide To Traveling With Toddlers

little girl with suitcase travel in the airport

Babies and toddlers are the cutest little beings on earth. However, if they’re taken out of their comfort zone, they may become less pleasant to deal with, especially on a trip.

Toddlers are more active than babies and want to move around and play. Packing enough items to keep them busy would make up the list of things to remember, along with bottles, nappies, changes of clothes, and other things that would make life easier when on the go.

First-time moms may feel swamped with planning and getting ready, and it’s easy to forget something at home or get stressed when traveling with toddlers. Having a guide may be very useful when planning an excursion:

Create A Guide

When traveling with a toddler, the destination should be able to accommodate kids so the whole family can enjoy it. You can browse through the hotels for a specific location and check out the ones that are child-friendly. Then, you can make a personal list so it serves as this guide to the best vacation spots with toddlers.

Unplanned, spur of the moment trips would be the last thing to think of with a toddler. Being prepared takes some time. And planning before booking the tickets or filling the tank can help you save time and effort. 

Make Lists Of Everything

There are so many things to remember for yourself when traveling, then comes all the kids’ stuff. They may have more to pack than adults. A surefire way of remembering everything for everyone would be to make lists of everything that needs to be packed and checked before the trip.

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These lists could be handwritten or printed for greater ease, and each item could be marked off the list when done packing.

Traveling abroad or far from home would make it difficult to get a forgotten item quickly. Being on the road, traveling by rail or plane could mean that pit stops would be impossible. The things your toddler needs most should be packed and available for when your toddler needs them. 

Pack The Essentials First

Start packing the bags with only the bare necessities, and if there’s space or the bag isn’t too heavy, extra items can be added. Just keep in mind that carrying a toddler and a bag around may become cumbersome, so the fewer items, the better.

No one would like to lug heavy bags full of non-essentials around when seeing the sights. You’d rather have a bag with all the things you need than have ‘what-ifs’ that would make it unbearable to travel.

Have A Comfort And Play Bag Handy

Keeping toddlers entertained means that they won’t become niggly around the first corner. One of the best ways to do this is to have a bag with toys, books, or sing-along songs to play while traveling.

A separate bag for these items can make them easier to find when attention needs to be taken off the long trip. Packing them in-between clothing and other items can cause a long search, and a looming tantrum may just erupt.

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Prepare And Pack An Emergency Kit

Children are known to feel ill at the most inconvenient times, and for this reason, it would be a smart move to have a few of the trusted go-to remedies on hand. There’s nothing worse than looking for a medical center or pharmacy in a foreign town in the middle of the night.

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Pack something for pain or fever, teething issues, runny noses, coughs, bumps and bruises, or minor cuts and scrapes. If there are any chronic medications, these should be packed as well.

Follow safe travel guidelines to prevent severe injuries or loss, as prevention is always better than a cure. Accidents happen very fast, and when parents are prepared, these instances can be minimized.

Avoid Medical Procedures Before The Trip

Minor medical procedures are common among toddlers, but planning them should be done after traveling. Vaccines may cause fussing and fevers, while airlines may decline the boarding of toddlers with grommets.

Other medical procedures may cause blood clotting or bleeding, and in general, doctors would advise against traveling right after any kind of treatment.

Taking It Away

Toddlers are quickly overwhelmed in strange environments, and putting ourselves in their shoes may give us some idea of just how scary it could be. Making sure they feel safe and secure when traveling could include packing a blankie, their favorite toy or an extra bottle. Consider a portable toddler bed when traveling as it will make them feel extra secure when sleeping in a new environment.

Going on holiday to a resort with activities for the whole family would save some frustration and make for a beautiful bonding experience. Moms of toddlers would know that they want to explore and play, so providing them with these comforts could make a perfect trip.