Safe travel tips families shouldn’t ignore

Vacations are the perfect way to relax and unwind. They help us reconnect as families and bring us closer together as partners. While Covid-19 has left most of our travel plans up in the air, there’s no reason why you and your family can’t look ahead to a time when you can enjoy a family holiday once again.

Keeping your family safe whilst travelling has never been more important, and with restrictions and safety precautions in place for the foreseeable, let’s take a look at some other ways we can travel safely with our families. Read on to find out more.

Know your rights

Protecting yourself physically from harm is one thing, but what about protecting yourself financially? Covid-19 has disrupted the travel industry significantly, and these sudden changes to rules and regulations as well as the risk of travel companies going bankrupt can leave many consumers wondering where to turn. Thankfully, the financial experts at Creditfix have created this helpful infographic on how you can manage your holiday if it is disrupted due to Covid-19. Understanding whether or not you can get a refund, rebook your holiday, or the time limit on your refunds can help you plan ahead and ensure you don’t lose any of your hard-earned money.

Don’t travel without travel insurance!

Travel insurance means you and your family can enjoy your break, safe in the knowledge that if the worst does happen, you’re covered. Travel insurance will cover you for things like lost luggage, cancelled flights and holiday package problems, while medical insurance will cover you and your family in the event of a medical emergency. You must take out both travel and medical insurance when you head overseas on holiday. Search online and compare policies well in advance before you travel!

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Spotlight on accommodation safety

When you’re travelling with your family, the safety and security of your accommodation should be a deciding factor on where you’re staying. Family-friendly holiday locations and accommodations should be at the top of your search criteria. Pool and water safety provisions, secure facilities and plenty of safety measures should be in place to keep you and your family safe.

When you reach your accommodation, you should conduct some simple checks to ensure it’s safe. Do the doors and windows lock correctly? What about patio and balcony doors? Electrical outlets and water safety? If you’re not happy with something, reach out to the hotel manager or staff.

Always travel with copies of your documents

Passports, insurance documents, driving licenses, visas, tickets and more. Whatever travel documents you need, make sure you create numerous copies. You can keep hard copies in different areas of your luggage and store others online so you can access them easily. This can seem a little extreme, but if your bag and passport are stolen on the first day, you’ll be glad you made a copy!

And finally, be smart

Washing hands, wearing facemasks and carrying hand sanitiser around with you should be considered normal practice until we are told otherwise. Be smart and everyone will enjoy their well deserved holiday!