Hearing Aid Discounts for Veterans 260x170 - Hearing Aid Discounts for Veterans

Hearing Aid Discounts for Veterans

Hearing loss isn’t something that only normal and civilian people suffer from, veterans who have come back from military missions can also suffer from it too. I...

What is Health?

Health is defined as a state of physical, mental and social being disease of a body. The health of a human depends on the person's mental or physical condition. Physical condition .of health is about the body where mental health is about how people think and feel. Better health is central to human happiness and well-being. Healthy people live longer and stay fit. There are many factors which affect the health. For a healthy life cycle, a person needs to have a balanced diet and has to regularly exercise. Taking proper diet keeps your body strong and help you to cope with stress and also fight illness. Health insurance pays medical bills and helps you access the care you need to improve or manage your health. Factors for good health include genetics, the environment, relationships, and education.

Facts about Health

  1. 6 components of health are somehow integrated, which incorporates social, physical, emotional, spiritual, cognitive, and cultural health.
  2. Seven Dimensions of Wellness are:Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Social, Spiritual, Environmental, and Occupation.
  3. More than half your bones are located in your hands and feet.
  4. A body having high cholesterol can affect heart disease and diabetes.
  5. Exercise can reduce your tiredness.
  6. Our skin is the largest organ of our body. it defends against disease and infection, regulates your temperature.
  7. Between 2000 and 2015, the average global life expectancy increased by five years.
  8. Drinking Coffee Can Prevent Depression.
  9. If you want to cool down, then drink something hot.
  10. Men are more forgetful than women.
  11. Eating eggs improves your reflexes.
  12. Laughter is good for your heart.
  13. Sugar is as bad for you as cigarettes.
  14. Excess meat consumption is bad for the planet, for our health, and the well-being of animals.
  15. Eating nuts are incredibly nutritious and healthy.
  16. Avoid processed junk food eat real food instead.
  17. Fish is a great source of high-quality protein and healthy fat.
  18. Get proper sleep.
  19. Take vitamin D3 if you don’t get much sun exposure.