6 Easy Ways To Boost Your Digestive Health

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Everything feels alright when everything’s good inside. Yes, we are talking about your mood and a huge contributor to it – our gut health.

The importance of our digestive system can’t be stressed enough! After all, good digestion leads to the great working of our body. By that, we mean good cognitive functions, better skin & hair, fewer chances of getting chronic diseases, stronger immunity, and a positive mindset.

So now that we’ve seen the ways good digestion can impact health, let us see the 6 ways through which we can boost the gut system!

1. Inclusion of Protein & Fiber

One thing that we’ve been hearing since time immemorial is to consume enough protein & fiber through our diets to sustain the function of our body. This is because protein not only gives necessary nutrients to our body, but also adds to the power of our gut health.

On the other hand, a fiber-rich diet ensures that we feel full & don’t overeat.

Consuming protein & fiber-rich items like lentils (Tur dal, Moong dal, Urad Dal), vegetables (Broccoli, Spinach, Edamame, Green peas), oatmeal, fruits, eggs, fish (Salmon), lean meat, etc., helps in boosting our digestive system.

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2. Reduce or Put a stop to Processed Food

Processed food poses a danger to our healthy gut system. There’s a reason. These processed or junk food, as we know them, take time to dissolve and so they lead to a build-up of excess fat. This may result in obesity and issues with the flexible functioning of our digestive system.

Additionally, some of these highly processed foods can lead to inflammation of our gut and cause acidity, bloating, or heartburn. Hence it is important to keep a tab on the frequency of consuming processed foods.

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3. Practice the art of mindful eating

There is evidence that effective touch to the art of mindful eating works wonders for our digestive system. When we chew each bite mindfully, we allow each nutrient to be absorbed and digested properly.

Moreover, when you eat with full attention to what you’re consuming, you feel full at an ideal portion and don’t binge eat (a huge factor in bloating and gas). So, next time, when your gut feeling feels low, eat mindfully and allow the digestive system to do the rest!

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4. Hydration is key

Water is one of the main necessities of humans. After all, it cools our body system and flushes out toxins, a highlighting point of how our digestion works. So remember to take a sip during the day to assist the gut system.

Apart from water, you can also incorporate natural drinks like herbal teas, fruits that have a high water count, and juices. This will ensure hydration as well as reduce the risk of feeling acidic or constipated.

5. Exercise & maintain a routine

While eating right is a necessity for a formidable digestive system, the involvement of exercise and systematic routine also plays a role. When we work out, our body gets the chance to move around and get rid of the extra calories and fats. This results in acquiring an ideal weight. This facilitates the working of the digestive system and also strengthens it.
Exercising and eating right work efficiently when there is a good routine for leading it. In other words, following a timetable and not eating late, taking adequate hours of sleep, and allowing our body to rest when fatigue gets to us. These are simple measures but they form the foundation for what we refer to as great health.

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6. Avoid smoking

Smoking is detrimental to your gut health. The main element of cigarettes is nicotine which causes huge damage to the healthy gut bacteria in our bodies. So if you’re looking to boost your digestive health, letting go of smoking is necessary.

Now that you know some of the most simple and effective ways for good digestive health, start implementing these small changes in your day-to-day life with immediate effect.