The 12 Best Fiber Supplement For Constipation 2023 Reviews

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Are you struggling with constipation? Constipation is a common problem that is caused by various factors such as diet, lifestyle, or medications. While many over-the-counter remedies are available, fiber supplements are often the best solution. This blog post will explore the 12 best fiber supplements for constipation that are beneficial in relieving this uncomfortable condition. So read on to find the perfect fiber supplement for you!

Fiber is an important nutrient that helps keep your digestive system healthy and working properly. Unfortunately, many people don’t get enough fiber in their diet and may suffer from constipation. The insoluble fiber in foods like wheat bran and vegetables can help add bulk to your stool and make it easier to pass. On the other hand, soluble fiber found in foods like oats and beans can assist soften your feces and making them easier to pass. Similarly, prebiotic fiber can help feed the healthy bacteria in your gut and keep your digestive system running smoothly.

When choosing a fiber supplement, it’s important to choose one containing soluble and insoluble fiber. It’s also important to choose a product that doesn’t contain added sugar or artificial sweeteners, as these can worsen constipation. But with so many different types of fiber supplements on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. To help you choose the best fiber supplements for constipation, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best options available in 2023. So we’ve covered whether you’re looking for a psyllium husk or a natural fiber supplement.

Best Fiber Supplements Weight loss

As we said above fiber is very important for our digestive system, and it also helps us to lose weight. If you are trying to lose weight, then you must add a fiber supplement to your diet. Fiber supplements help you to feel fuller for a longer time and thus prevent you from overeating. They also help in reducing the number of calories absorbed by the body. Below are some best supplements which can help you with constipation.

1. Himalaya Organic Psyllium Husk Powder

Best fiber powder for weight loss

This pure, fine powder is perfect for mixing into your favorite beverage or shake, and it provides an excellent source of dietary fiber. One or two fiber per serving can help support regularity and promote a feeling of fullness between meals. It is made from 99% thin white husk, and its psyllium husk powder is one of the purest on the market. It’s also Non-GMO verified, plant-based, and free of gluten, wheat, corn, soy, and dairy. Plus, it’s free of artificial fillers, binders, and magnesium stearate. Add it to your favorite beverage or smoothie to boost digestive regularity.


  • Provide good digestive health
  • Blood sugar control
  • Aids in weight management
  • Rich in dietary soluble and insoluble fiber
  • Suitable for vegans

2. Garden of Life Fiber Supplement

Best organic fiber supplement

Garden of Life Raw supplement is made with 15 raw and certified organic superfoods, including flax, quinoa and chia seeds; this powder provides 9g of fiber per serving (32% DV) and 7 grams of protein, probiotics, and omega-3 fatty acids for overall health. Mix it into your favorite beverage, or add it to a smoothie, and you’re good to go! Plus, it’s paleo and keto-friendly and comes in a resealable container for your convenience. This supplement provides relief from occasional constipation and promotes regularity. It also supports a healthy gut flora balance, keeping your digestive system running smoothly.

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  • Gluten-free
  • It contains soluble or insoluble fibers
  • Vegan friendly
  • Helps with irritable bowel syndrome
  • Eases bloating and gas

3. Guardian Fiber Capsules

Best psyllium husk supplement

This unique product is made with 100% natural psyllium husk and helps promote digestive health and regularity. It also helps lower cholesterol and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels as part of your diet. Guardian Fiber Capsules are a great way to help you feel less hungry between meals, and their new formulation is more effective than ever before. However, Wheat dextrin or whole grains can cause side effects like bloating, gas or diarrhea. But this product has no such side effects as it is made with pure psyllium husk.


  • Promotes heart health
  • Helps with constipation
  • Aids in digestion
  • Keeps you regular
  • Reduces cholesterol

4. Benefiber Daily Prebiotic Fiber Supplement

Best fiber powder for smoothies

This prebiotic supplement nourishes the good bacteria in your gut, promoting overall digestive wellness. Made with wheat dextrin, this dietary fiber powder is gluten-free, sugar-free and artificial flavor-free. Simply add it to water or your favorite beverage for a convenient way to get the fiber your body needs. Most fiber supplements can cause side effects like bloating, gas or diarrhea. But with this product, there are no such side effects as it is made with wheat dextrin, a mostly soluble fiber.


  • Gently relieves constipation
  • Bloating and gas relief
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Stimulates regularity
  • It contains Wheat dextrin ingredient

5. Metamucil Psyllium Husk Supplement

Best fiber pills for constipation

Looking for a gentle, effective way to cleanse your digestive system and feel lighter? Metamucil Psyllium Husk Supplement is here to help. It is made from natural plant-based psyllium fiber; this supplement works by trapping and removing waste from your system. It’s easy to take on the go in simple sugar-free capsules, and you’ll feel lighter and more energetic in no time. The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. But this would be perfect for you if you’re looking for a gentle, plant-based way to cleanse your digestive system.


  • Healthy digestion
  • Stimulates regularity
  • Made with 100% natural psyllium husk
  • Sugar-free and gluten-free
  • Available in different flavors

6. Renew Life Prebiotic Fiber

Best soothing fiber supplement

Renew Life’s Prebiotic Fiber is one of the best fiber supplements for constipation relief. Renew Life fiber supplement for adults relieves occasional constipation, gas, and bloating. The Renew Life fiber includes soothing fennel, traditionally used to relieve occasional gas and bloating. The Non-GMO Project Verified daily fiber supplement is dairy-free and soy free and made in the U.S.A. using only the highest quality global ingredients. Moreover, if you choose this supplement, you’re getting a product from a company that is passionate about helping you achieve optimal health.


  • Improves digestion
  • Relieves constipation
  • Stimulates weight loss
  • Boosts overall health
  • Easy-to-take capsules

7. ColonBroom Psyllium fiber powder form

Best fiber drink for weight loss

Looking to spring clean your colon and eliminate bloating and flatulence? Look no further than ColonBroom psyllium fiber powder! This finely ground colon detox powder is made of 85% organic psyllium husk that gently sweeps out the yucky stuff from your gut, leaving you feeling lighter and more comfortable. Berry Yummy Fiber Boost is a delicious strawberry-flavoured drink mix that provides an extra boost of fiber to help keep you regular. Enjoy all the benefits of a healthy gut with ColonBroom, regular bowel movements, a healthier metabolism, and more energy.

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  • Boost energy and mood
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Promotes regularity
  • Aids in digestion

8. Physician’s Choice Probiotics 60

Best fiber supplement for digestive health

This powerful probiotic contains 60 Billion CFUs per serving, making it one of the most potent probiotics on the market. This supplement is designed to promote ultimate digestive health with 10 probiotic strains and an organic prebiotic blend. And because it’s made with only Non-GMO ingredients, you can be sure you’re getting a quality product. Plus, it’s shelf-stable and vegan, so it’s perfect for everyone.


  • Relieve constipation
  • Helps with irritable bowel syndrome
  • Increasing dietary fiber intake
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Lowers blood sugar levels

9. OLLY Probiotic + Prebiotic Gummy

Best fiber gummy supplement

This unique formula combines live probiotics and prebiotic fiber to help promote a healthy balance of gut flora. Probiotics are live microorganisms beneficial to your health and are found naturally in some foods like yogurt and sauerkraut. Prebiotic fiber is a type of dietary fiber that helps promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut. Together, these two powerful ingredients work to keep your digestive system functioning properly. OLLY Probiotic + Prebiotic Gummies are chewable and easy to take, making them a great choice for adults who have trouble swallowing pills.


  • Aids in digestion and regularity
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Delicious gummies per day
  • Natural flavors and colors
  • Gluten-free

10. Tomorrow’s Nutrition SunFiber Powder

Best fibre powder for constipation

Tomorrow’s Nutrition is made with 6 grams of dietary fiber per serving. This powerful powder helps reduce occasional constipation and diarrhea while promoting colon health. Additionally, SunFiber is rich in prebiotic fiber, which feeds beneficial gut bacteria and helps move food through the digestive tract. If that wasn’t enough, the formula is gluten-free, low FODMAP certified and reduces the glycemic index. Best of all, SunFiber dissolves quickly and completely without changing the taste or texture of most foods. Whatever way you choose, Tomorrow’s Nutrition SunFiber Powder is an easy and delicious way to improve your digestive health.


  • Supports normal healthy movements
  • Helps with occasional constipation
  • Made with 100% soluble fiber
  • Tasteless, odorless and mixes easily
  • Suitable for Vegans

11. Garden of Life Dr Formulated Organic Fiber

Best supplements to stay regular

Garden of Life Dr Formulated Organic Fiber is a revolutionary probiotic formula to promote gut health and alleviate gas and bloating. Featuring a clinically proven prebiotic blend, organic potato, and acacia fiber. This probiotic formula helps to promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut. Additionally, the 15 probiotic strains in this formula, including the clinically studied HN019, work together to support digestive health and reduce gut discomfort.


  • PRE+ PRO+ POSTBIOTIC formulas
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Avoid inflammatory bowel disease
  • No artificial flavors or sweeteners
  • Promotes regularity

12. Prebiotic Fiber Supplement

Best fibre supplement for constipation

Prebiotic Fiber Supplement, is the perfect solution for gut health and bacteria support. This clinically proven, tasteless prebiotic is made from Nutraflora FOS, an organic, food-based blend rich in beneficial micro and macronutrients. The Prebiotic Fiber Supplement blocks dietary lectins, forming a healthy gut ecosystem. This cutting-edge keto fiber supplement promotes optimal digestive function, increases energy levels, and supports brain function, mental clarity, and immune function. So, get all the health benefits with this wheat dextrin fiber supplement without the side effects. Moreover, this fiber supplementation is also helpful in weight management.


  • Increased fiber intake
  • Improves digestion
  • Softens stools
  • Aids in bowel movements
  • Reduces constipation

Are fiber supplements good for constipation?

There are a lot of different opinions out there about whether or not fiber supplements are good for constipation, but the consensus seems to be that they can be helpful. Fiber is a nutrient that helps to bulk up stool and keep things moving along smoothly in the digestive system, so adding more of it to your diet may help to ease constipation.

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However, there are a few different ways to get more fiber into your diet, including eating more high-fiber foods like fruits and vegetables, taking a fiber supplement, or drinking a glass of prune juice each day. If you’re struggling with constipation, it’s worth giving one or all of these solutions a try to see if they help relieve your symptoms.

Is dietary fiber powder better than pills?

Though there are many different opinions, dietary fiber powder is generally better than pills when solving common digestive issues. This is because the powder form of fiber is more easily broken down and absorbed by the body than pills, which can sometimes pass through the digestive system without being properly digested. Fiber powder can also be mixed into water or other liquids, making it easier to consume for those who have trouble swallowing pills. In addition, fiber powder typically contains a higher fibre concentration than pills, so you may not need to take as much to get the desired effect.

Which foods cause constipation?

Many foods can cause constipation, but some of the most common culprits include alcohol, red meat, Gluten-containing foods, and processed grains.

Alcohol – Alcohol is a dehydrating agent and can also interfere with the absorption of nutrients from food. This combination can lead to constipation.

Red meat – Red meat is high in saturated fats and cholesterol, which can slow down the movement of food through the digestive system.

Gluten-containing foods – Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and oats. Some people have difficulty digesting gluten, which can lead to constipation.

Processed grains – Processed grains are milled into a fine powder, which makes them easier to digest. However, this process also strips away the fibrous outer layer of the grain, leaving behind only the starch. This can make it more difficult for the body to break down and absorb the nutrients from these foods.

However, fiber-rich foods like oats, beans, lentils, fruits, and vegetables can help to alleviate constipation. So, avoid the foods that cause constipation and eat more fibre-rich foods.

What time of day should you take fiber supplements?

Fiber supplements should ideally be taken in the morning with breakfast. This is because fiber can help regulate blood sugar levels and digestion, impacting energy levels throughout the day. Additionally, taking fiber supplements in the morning can help to cleanse and detoxify the body after a long night of fasting.

However, if you taking soluble fiber supplements, it is important to increase your water intake as well. This is because soluble fiber absorbs water and can cause dehydration if not enough water is consumed. On the other hand, if you taking insoluble fiber supplements, make sure to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to avoid constipation.

The Bottom Line

Therefore, dietary supplements like fiber can be beneficial in the short-term management of constipation. However, it’s always best to speak with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen. Fiber supplements come in many forms, including powders, capsules, and tablets. The type of fiber supplement you choose may depend on your preferences and tolerance. In the above article, we have provided the best fiber supplement for constipation. All of them have been highly rated and recommended by users, so you can be sure they will work well for you. If you are looking for a good way to get your daily dose of fiber, then one of these supplements is worth trying out. We hope this article was helpful; share your thoughts in the comments below.