How do I pay for my medical treatment while awaiting financial recovery?

Experiencing a personal injury accident can be difficult due to the unexpected financial burdens of…

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Experiencing a personal injury accident can be difficult due to the unexpected financial burdens of medical bills, lost wages, and in some cases, property damage. You may not have the money to afford so many new expenses that arrive because of your severe injuries. There are alternative ways that you can pay for your medical treatment while you are waiting for your settlement. To explore some of these options, you can speak with a personal injury attorney to help you find out what is the best approach to supporting you through this crisis. Personal injury attorneys are very resourceful and can recommend solutions using their vast knowledge base. According to The Pendergrass Law Firm, here are some ideas you can try:

Government Funding

When struggling with expensive medical bills that are far beyond your budget, you may want to consider government assistance. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services can provide grants and other financial assistance for healthcare needs. There is also the Temporary Assistance for Need Families, which can provide the same services. These programs extend to both the local and state levels, which allows you to apply for free grants. There are multiple programs available, and while some target low-to-moderate income families, there are programs that also can be awarded based on factors influencing the circumstances. Annual income and the number of dependents you have in your family may also play a part.

Nonprofit Funding

In addition to government funding, you can also consider nonprofit charities that are willing to extend a helping hand. There are a large number of non-profit organizations that work to help people in dire need of support when they are burdened with medical expenses. These charities can help with medical bills, lodging, transportation, and many other costs that you may have to deal with because of your injuries. First, try to reach out to your hospital to see what programs they have available for you. The HealthWell Foundation can help with copayments, deductibles, and some healthcare premiums. Aunt Bertha is a social care network with a database that helps you find payment for reduced-cost or free medical services. The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics also can help deliver health and medical services to economically disadvantaged patients. There are many more charities you could explore that can help you get out of the predicament of unplanned medical bills.

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You can get immediate help with the aid of crowdfunding, which will allow you to raise funds organically with the help of charitable donors. Crowdfunding gets its name from allowing anyone to donate to a worthy cause. Regular visitors of a crowdfunding website see different causes that are in dire need of help. You can post your story about how you were injured to help raise awareness about your particular predicament. In addition to unknown donors, you could also promote your crowdfunding to family members and friends by sending them the link to your page. This can help you raise money fast, as most crowdfunding ventures can be cashed out once the funding goal has been met.

Pre-Settlement Loan

If none of these approaches provide enough money, especially in the case of ongoing medical expenses that require additional payment, you can consider receiving a pre-settlement loan. You can speak with an attorney to find out how to apply for one.

You Can Receive A Large Sum To Cover Expenses

Pre-settlement loans are designed to help cover the expenses of medical bills after a terrifying personal injury has occurred. You should receive a large enough amount that you can pay for the medical expenses you need.

They Can Be Approved Quickly

As soon as you are eligible, you can receive the loan immediately. There is no long application or lengthy process necessary, making it easier for you to receive the funds you need without delay.

If You Lose The Settlement, You Don’t Have To Pay It.

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Unlike most loans, the pre-settlement loan is repaid when you receive your settlement amount. If you do not receive a settlement, you do not have to pay any of the loans, and it is dropped from your account.

You Must Have A Strong Case

In order to receive a pre-settlement loan, it is required for you to have a case that has obvious evidence pointing to who is at fault for your injuries. This will require the help of an attorney to investigate your case and help show how well your case may proceed. If the circumstances are unclear and the attorney isn’t certain you’ll win the case, it is likely you may not receive a pre-settlement loan.

The Pre-Settlement Loan Is Paid After You Receive The Settlement

After the negotiation process is complete and you are set to receive the full compensation you deserve, you can finally pay off the pre-settlement loan. Keep in mind that pre-settlement loans come with higher than normal interest rates. However, the settlement should be large enough that you won’t need to worry about being in debt because of your pre-settlement loan.

With the help of a government grant, charity donation, crowdfunding page, or pre-settlement loan, you can receive the help you need during a critical time. This way, you can pay for medical bills, pharmaceuticals, surgery, physical therapy, and many other expenses.

Next Steps After You’ve Experienced A Personal Injury

You can apply some of these approaches to help you overcome the massive deficit in finances caused by medical treatment. Medical bills can be expensive, especially when you struggle to overcome your injuries and take time off from work. You may lose money over time because you are unable to work your full-time job, exasperating you and creating more stress. Instead, try some of the recommended solutions above to help support you through these trying times. You can speak with a personal injury attorney to find out which is the best choice for you.

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