Child Health Essentials: Dos and Don’ts

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Couples can be carefree and easy-going in their ways of life. But once they become parents, things have to change. In the early years of children’s lives, parents’ life revolves around them. So many things have to be taken care of to ensure they grow up healthy. Parenting is not a walk in the park. Some may say yes, it is a walk in the park but the park is Jurassic Park. Well, that’s a bit harsh. We say with a little care and proper guidance everything will be fine. After all most of us grew up just fine.

Though new times change everything and demand a new outlook. There are, however, some things that remained the same for our parents and are still the same for our kids. Earlier parenting revolved around taking care of the kid’s food, exercise, homework, family time, sleep cycles, health, and more. Even today these essentials are the prime focus. The major difference is that today some things are needed to be better-taken care of to ensure that your child grows up healthy and energetic. After all, these early years will impact his whole life.

Below are listed some dos and don’ts which will guide you throughout the way.


No Compromise on Food

Young children need a balanced diet to keep them in better health and boost their immunity. The kids must be introduced to various food healthy food options to fulfill all its nutrient requirements. They can be irritating and may resist eating but the solution is not to force them to eat as it will do worse than good. The better option is to introduce them to a variety of natural foods to develop a taste for healthy foods. The thing which can’t be stressed enough is to avoid processed food. Canned food and milk should be replaced with fresh natural food products. In the very early ears, nothing is better than mother’s milk. If you do have to use other items, always do so with the doctor’s recommendation.

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Exercise is Important

We have seen that some parents stress healthy food for their kids but neglect exercise altogether. Beware that exercise is as important for kids as it is for adults. It is the duty of their parents to engage them in healthy productive activities. It is the curse of modern technology that it has turned our kids into couch potatoes. If you want your child to lead a healthy, disciplined energetic life, keep him on the move.

Adequate Sleep is Paramount

A child’s growth and development are never completed without adequate sleep. Sleep is very essential for anyone to remain healthy both in the short and long term. The amount of sleep is subjective. For some 8 hours is enough for others it may be more or less. Parents should always keep the sleep patterns of their kids in check and make them follow the age-old maxim “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Keep Sugar Intake in check

Nowadays more and more kids are getting addicted to sweets, toffees, chocolates, and the like. The worst case is that these high sugar items are being substituted for regular meals. This is preposterous. Tooth decay and diabetes in children are some of the most obvious results of this behavior with worse to follow. Parents should keep their sugar intake in check to make sure their kids remain safe from the harmful effects of excessive sugar intake like weak bones.

Be a Role Model

Kids are silent learners. We often think they listen to what we say but more often they learn from what we do. Research has shown that kids follow their parent’s or elder siblings’ footsteps. The best way to teach your kid good manners and healthy habits is to start practicing them yourselves. The examples you set for your kids by being their role models will have the most influence on them.

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Just as there are dos that are imperative for your kids, there are don’ts that are sometimes the greatest impediment in their rising to their true potential. Sometimes parents unintentionally do things that are very harmful to their kids. To make sure that your kids don’t have to go through what many other kids are due to the neglect of their parents, follow the following steps.

Fast Food is the Enemy

The world today is going very fast with parents finding less and less time for their kids. This lack of time results in them feeding fast food to the kids. Without going into details, lack of time is not the justification for fast food. The harmful effects it has on the kids’ health are not worth saving any amount of time.

Not Knowing their Activities

Being a parent is not only about putting food on the table or paying their school fees. It involves so many other things. Your neglect in any one of them can leave marks on your kid for life. If you don’t know what are your kid’s activities inside and outside school, what are his interests, his weaknesses, his interests, you are leaving him vulnerable. Most people find out what their kids are up to when they get a call from the hospital or the police station. Make sure to avoid any such scenario.

Lousy Role Model

Do as I say and not as I do, don’t work now. As said earlier, kids are silent learners. If you are eating junk food, your kid will follow. If you are using foul language or abusing, you will soon hear him using the same. If you are an uncontrollable drunk, you will surely see him with a bottle way before he turns 18. If you do not respect your partner and lie or cheat, be sure that your kid will get some of your habits. To make your kid a better person, you have to change yourself.

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Not paying attention to Mental Health

More and more kids nowadays are suffering from anxiety, depression, lack of attention, behavior problems, and much more. Most of these problems can be treated easily if caught earlier. Various teen IOP are available to treat major problems too. But none of this will work if you as a parent do not pay attention to your kids to identify any problems in them. These are serious issues with consequences encompassing the whole life.