How Much Does LFT Test Cost?

What is the cost of LFT test in Delhi, India? India is a very popular country and people come here for many reasons. Some come to study, some to seek employment and some to spend holidays. The emergence of LFT in this country has led many foreign visitors to undergo this test.

Delhi is the administrative district of the National Capital Territory. The city houses the state’s three executive and administrative branches, including the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the Supreme Court of India, and the Parliament House. The Metro Delhi population is about 30 million people, bigger than Greece, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Zimbabwe. Because the city far exceeds population size versus land area, many diseases are plaguing the local population.

One of the most prevalent diseases in Delhi is a liver disease that affects a significant portion of the population. LFT or Liver Function Test is a comprehensive laboratory testing that determines the overall health of your liver. An average LFT test price in Delhi is about Rs. 300 or about $4 US. The test measures liver enzymes, bilirubin in the blood, and protein levels present in the organ.

When Should You Have a Liver Function Test Done?

A physician often requests an LFT for patients who are diagnosed or suspected to have liver problems. You might be required to undergo an LFT examination so your physician can fully understand your health and the condition of your liver.

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The general symptoms of a liver problem include:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Jaundice
  • Dark urine or light-colored stool
  • General feelings of tiredness
  • Lack of appetiteMore often, people will not show the onset of a liver problem until the condition is already aggravated. A physician may request for a liver test if you are:
  • A heavy drinker
  • Has a family history of liver problems
  • Overweight
  • Has co-occurring anemia or gallbladder condition
  • Take medications that affect the liver

A liver test indicates the severity of your condition and will tell your physician whether your liver condition is getting worse. It will also tell your physician if a treatment is working for you and what other solutions can be done.

Fasting Is Critical During a Liver Function Test

A liver function test is generally done inside the laboratory, where a blood sample from your arm is extracted. Fasting is required – usually 8-12 hours before the blood extraction so vital fluid is free from alkaline phosphatase and various lipids. It is to make sure that the test results bring accurate results. Carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals are all components of the food you eat. It can cloud LFT results because they impact serum level readings. Fasting cannot also exceed the 12-hour timeframe because your LFT results could come up with a wrong result.

Fasting improves your body’s management of glucose and lowers your insulin resistance. The liver is responsible for releasing glucose into your bloodstream, and not consuming food or water for at least 8 hours would use the liver’s glucose reserve.

The Costs of Liver Function Test in Delhi

LFT is necessary for anyone suspicious about their liver health. A liver function test can detect infections that might jeopardize the integrity of your liver’s functionality. An examination would also enable your attending physician to create the necessary protocol to restore your liver’s functions in shape.

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An LFT price in Delhi varies per laboratory or clinic. Costs for having a liver functionality test can be anywhere from Rs. 330 to Rs. 800. The price depends on the laboratory you are having your liver tested and the level of service they offer.

Some laboratories offer a free home sample collection service convenient for people who do not like to get out of their homes but still have their laboratory testing done. Additionally, several health service providers offer discounts for lab tests, including liver test function.

If you are looking for the right laboratory to have your test, it is always better to start scouting for laboratories near you. Delhi has several testing facilities, making it convenient for anyone who would like to know the integrity of their liver’s functionality. The costs of an LFT far outweigh being blindsided by an illness that would be taking over your body. It is a small price for something that would put your mind at peace and let your physician create a good protocol to get your liver back in shape.


Every year is a different story with health concerns. When living day to day and not thinking about tomorrow it’s easy to forget all the things your body does for you every day. Maybe that’s why liver function test cost can be difficult to keep track of, we just don’t think about them until we need them. The best way to stay on top of your liver function test cost, or any other regular test cost, is to make sure you have a system in place so when it is time for your online lab tests, all your information is readily available for you and your doctor. By staying aware of what your body needs and using the tips below you can ensure all your regular care costs are covered without constantly being

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A liver function test is one of the laboratory procedures that will help you and your physician uncover problems with your body’s most important organ. Your liver is responsible for assimilating and regulating most of the chemicals in the blood and excretes bile. Keeping your liver functioning is one good way of preserving the integrity of your body. Your attending physician may require getting an LFT so he can prescribe the right medication and treatment protocol for you.