Delicious Ways to Drink Coffee at Home

Coffee is definitely one of the most important beverages for most people in the world today. While it is mostly consumed in coffee houses, many people like making their own blends at home with ingredients of their choice. It’s also worth to mention that grinding your own beans is the truest joy of coffee. The freshness, size and quality of grind have a significant effect on how a coffee will taste. To fully immerse yourself in this coveted coffee culture, you’ll need a burr grinder that’s affordable. Grinding coffee beans between two flat rings with serrations to a uniform size is how burr grinder works. If you’re a fan of making your own coffee. If you’re a fan of making your own coffee and have some delicious coffee beans lying at home, you should probably go through the delicious ways to drink coffee we mention in this article. We have summed up many new ways of making coffee and hope you like them.

Cinnamon Coffee

Cinnamon coffee tops our list. The sweet and spicy taste of cinnamon in your regular morning drink can really make it taste even more pleasant. Cinnamon has quite a distinct taste to it and will definitely improve your early morning coffee decisions. Perhaps the best part about cinnamon coffee is that you get a sweet and spicy taste from it, which goes amazing with all forms of coffee beans.

Bullet Proof Coffee

Bullet proof coffee was first invented by people on a keto diet and has ever since kicked on with the rest of us. This amazing blend brings together grass-fed butter with hot coffee and triglyceride oil. The ingredients mix well to give you a yummy taste of some morning goodness. This popular coffee drink will go well with your weight loss journey and is good for the mind.

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Flat White

If you’re an Instagrammer and like taking pictures of your coffee before you drink it, flat whites are just for you. A flat white is an espresso that is further complemented with some steamed milk poured on top of it. The milk forms a unique texture of its own on top of the coffee’s surface. Baristas have created many creative designs through flat whites and you can too.


Affogato is more than just coffee – it is a divine mixture of everything good to appease your coffee cravings. This espresso comes with a wonderful scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of it with some drips of liqueur around the ends. Sounds like coffee heaven to us!

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Vietnamese iced coffee has been a go-to form of coffee for people in the South East Asian state for ages now. This coffee combines the goodness of dark roasted coffee with the sweetness and suppleness of condensed milk. Both blends mix well in each other to create a unique taste that you likely haven’t ever experienced before. This is a must-try for coffee lovers!

Cheese in Coffee

Coffee definitely is a versatile all-rounder as it goes well with everything. You are definitely missing out on a lot if you haven’t tried cheese in your coffee. Yes, it sounds a little unconventional, but trust us. Add some cheese to the coffee and enjoy the unique goodness of the kaffeost.

We hope you like these delicious ways to drink coffee at home and try them soon!