6 Ways of Sleeping That Can Help You Lose Weight

Proper sleeping is as important as diet and exercise if you want to lose weight. When you don’t provide enough sleep to your brain and body, it holds on to fat for energy – and it becomes even more challenging for you to get rid of the fat.

Some people sleep their full required time, but not regularly and appropriately. The brain and body need at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep. If you sleep late at night, say at 2 AM, and wake up 9 hours later, technically, you gave your brain the sleep it needed. But you didn’t do it the correct way. The correct way to do that would be sleeping at 10 PM at max. The irregular sleeping schedule is as bad as not sleeping enough – a major hurdle in weight loss journey.

However, we have listed down 6 powerful and proven tips – 6 ways to sleep better – that can help you fight the battle against weight. These tips are taken from honest people reviews, scientifically proven research and experiments, and thorough surveys. Let’s get started.

Sleep with Empty Stomach – or Protein!

Many researchers say that sleeping with a full stomach increases weight. And if you are planning to lose it, you must sleep without eating anything at least 2 hours before snooze time. Sleeping with an empty stomach is a great way to get rid of the fat and burn extra calories while sleeping.

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If you are sleep-deprived, you are prone to snacking. A craving occurs on you if you wake up till late and saying a wild ‘no’ to that craving that makes you unhealthy. Remember, we want to be thin, not sick. Therefore, to make this way work, you must sleep on time regularly.

However, another study shows that some people cannot resist eating or drinking before sleeping – and for those people, protein shakes are the best diet. If you want to have a go at your refrigerator, make sure it has a protein shake. Because protein shakes are an equal help as sleeping with an empty stomach, they make you healthy and satisfy your thirst.

Sleep in Darkness

When you are sleeping in complete darkness, you not only sleep peacefully and quickly but being surrounded in sleep makes your body release melatonin hormone. This hormone is a perfect way to derive sleep. And it is also a great help in producing a calorie-burning brown fat which shed weight off even in your sleep.
So, remember to turn off all the lights, even a TV that is probably running in the background, to get weight-loss-effective and relaxed sleep.

Take Healthy Weight-Losing Supplements Before Sleep

A great way to get rid of fat is through supplementation. Supplements are dietary pills, powders or solutions that help you keep you healthy and meeting specific goals. In this case, the Resurge supplement also enables you to sleep better and quickly. You can check more about Resurge review here. It not only helps enhance sleep, but also decreases body fat percentage. In most cases, it only takes 90 days to show its effective results even without any additional dietary plans and exercises.

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Sleep in a cold temperature

Sleeping in a cooler temperature is a great way to be healthy and fatless. Research shows that people who sleep in cooled rooms, with their heater turned off, burn around 7% more calories than those who sleep in warmer, heated rooms. 7% is not a big number, but imagine sleeping and burning an extra 100 calories within 24 hours – without any sweating. When you are determined to lose weight, it is very beneficial.

Say No to Screens Before Sleep

An intense and worrisome habit that most of us possess is spending time on our cellphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, and other devices. According to Japanese research, spending time on glowing screens extend your sleep by 2 hours – no wonder we watch whole seasons through the night without blinking.

When you use cellphones and delay your sleep, you mess up your routine and become sleep-starved, which leads to being extra hungry and energy-hoarding brain – which is a bad thing for a mind who wants to lose weight.

This type of mishap is acceptable a few times in a year. But when it becomes a habit, it is problematic.

Sleeping on a Tight Schedule

It is said enough times in this article that an irregular sleep schedule is the worst hurdle in the weight-losing journey – it cannot be more stressed. A study recommends a person to sleep on 7 to 9 hours. A more important part of that research suggests that you keep your hours very tight-timed. It means if you sleep at 9 PM, then 9 PM should be your sleeping time throughout the year.

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When you sleep on a fixed schedule throughout the year, your energy expands to 5% higher than those who sleep with irregular schedules. Lack of sleep is a scientifically proven factor of obesity. Sleep-starvation, likely to cause by ill-patterned schedule, make your fat cells sensitive to insulin – a hormone that keeps the sugar and fat level stable in the body – and brings a metabolic change, which leads to type 1 diabetes.
It is for your own health, before weight loss, that you sleep well and on time.


All points above are taken from authentic research journals written by qualified analysts of reputed universities. And it is visible that every point is linked to one another. If you sleep early, but not regularly, it is of no use. Similarly, if you sleep in cooler rooms and not put away your cellphone, it washes away all your weight loss progress. In order to make one condition work, you must follow the other condition.
As for additional benefits, an authentic Resurge review says that it is a one-of-a-kind sleep-inducing and fat-burning solution to get you rid of all your weight issues, and its result is just a matter of 90 days. Taking it right before sleep will give you a warm, timed sleep and burn more calories than weightlifting or exercises do.