Nine Gender-neutral Gifts for a Child’s Baptism

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It is perfectly okay to give gifts that are traditionally more suited to certain genders depending on the gender of the child whose baptism it is. But it is also perfectly alright to give a child a gender-neutral gift.

Indeed, the latter is becoming more popular all of the time.

If you decide to give a gender-neutral gift to celebrate a child’s baptism, here are nine ideas to consider.

1. A Children’s Edition of the Bible

A good option for a traditional gift is a children’s edition of the Holy Bible.

When the child is not old enough to read, the parents can read from the book, and as the child grows up, the child can begin reading it alone.

A children’s Bible is sure to be treasured throughout both childhood and adulthood, so it can be a good choice of gift to give to celebrate a baptism.

You could also consider other books for children that are about Christianity.

2. A Rosary Dish

The gift you give does not have to be Christianity-related, but lots of religious gifts, such as Bibles, do make excellent choices for baptisms.

If the child is Catholic, you could consider a rosary dish.

For instance, the heart-shaped rosary dish at House of Joppa, which is just one of the high-quality baptism gifts available from the company, is beautifully handmade and ideal for displaying keepsake rosaries or sacramentals.

Each dish is hand-pressed with lace, which creates unique and intricate patterns.

Speaking of Catholicism, you may be interested in learning about the feminist undertones to Catholic women who are rekindling traditional devotional practice.

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3. A Stuffed Animal

If you prefer to give something less religious and which a child will not have to wait to grow up to fully appreciate, consider a simple stuffed animal.

A fluffy bear or cute rabbit, for example, is sure to be loved by its recipient.

You could even consider giving a stuffed animal that has been designed specifically for baptisms, such as one with a ribbon that can be personalized with the name of the child and the date of the baptism or one that has a stitched cross on the front.

4. Decorated Candles

Candles make lovely gifts for baptisms, especially when they are decorated with beautiful pictures.

Also, the symbolism of giving the gift of light, in the way that Jesus does to Christians, makes a candle a very thoughtful gift to give.

5. A Decorative Cross

Returning to gifts that best suit the religious occasion of a baptism, you cannot go wrong with the gift of a cross.

As the symbol of Christianity, it will serve as a constant reminder of the child’s induction into the faith by baptism as the child grows up.

There are all kinds of beautiful and decorative crosses available, at a wide variety of prices. So, whether you decide to give a cross made out of solid silver or a creatively-carved wooden cross, spend time shopping around and you are sure to find what you are after.

6. A Silver Necklace and Cross

Instead of buying a decorative cross, you could get a cross that the child can keep with them at all times.

A necklace with a cross attached is a perfect baptism gift.

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If you are the godparent of the child, you may like to follow tradition and give a gift made out of silver; in which case, a silver necklace and cross would be the ideal choice.

7. A Silver Piggy Bank

A silver piggy bank is another good choice for godparents. In fact, piggy banks can make great baptism gifts from one and all.

Just make sure you buy a stylish one.

To make it more personal, consider engraving a special message on it.

8. A Personalized T-shirt

There is no reason why gender-neutral gifts for a child’s baptism cannot be fun, so consider getting a T-shirt that includes a personalized image on the front.

For instance, you could add images of the child and the church where the baptism is taking place, with the name of the child and the date and location of the baptism written underneath.

While the child may grow out of it quickly, it will serve as a lovely item to keep for years as a reminder of your thoughtfulness and love as well as the baptism itself.

Just make sure the color you select for the T-shirt is gender-neutral.

9. A Personal Poem

If you have a way with words, consider writing a personal poem for the child who is getting baptized.

Nothing says thoughtfulness and love like the personal touch, and you will be able to give a gift that is much deeper than a store-bought item.

Though, you will want to present your poem in a special way, such as framing and mounting it in an elegant picture frame.

Also, to make sure the poem comes across as even more meaningful, you should hand write it on quality paper.

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