27 Best Birthday Gifts for 11-Years-Old Boys and Girls in 2022

As your child turns 11, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of birthday present to get them. This age can be tricky because they’re no longer little kids, but they’re not quite teenagers either. Here are 27 ideas for the perfect gift for an 11-year-old boy or girl.

Are you looking for the best birthday gifts for an 11-year-old boy or girl? With the increase in technology, it has become difficult to choose gifts for 11-year-olds. It’s the moment when kids become young adults and start to feel more comfortable with themselves.

When it comes to picking a great gift for an 11-year old, it can sometimes be difficult to know what they will like. For boys, some great ideas include sports equipment, action figures, video games, or science kits. For girls, some good gift options include dolls, art supplies, jewelry-making kits, or books.

If your child is into sports, a great gift idea would be to purchase them some new sporting equipment. If your loved one is into music, why not buy them a new guitar or drum set? They can also be a great gift idea for birthday parties. In this article, we’ll be sharing 27 of the best birthday gifts 11 year old child.

Best Birthday Gifts for 11 years old children’s

As we have known that Birthday is a very important and memorable day for every child. Every birthday gift that you will give becomes an enduring memory of your child. Below we have suggested the best gifts or birthday presents for your kid who going to turn 11 and they are:

1. Jewelry Box

Every little girl loves receiving jewelry, so a jewelry box is a perfect gift for an 11-year-old girl. It’s a place to store her precious treasures and it will keep them organized and easy to find. This option is also best for Christmas gifts this year. A jewelry box is not only a storage place but also can display your lovely ornaments. You can get it from Amazon on exclusive deals as well. And this would be a special gift for 5 year old daughter and she will love it for sure.
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2. Magnetic Dart Board games

This board game is designed for the child who is going to turn eleven. The game comes with six darts and is hung on a hook on the wall or door. It’s an ideal gift for their room as it helps them to play and spend time alone and it’s is available in multiple colors like red, yellow or green screen. This is a good present for 11 year old to have fun with their friends. You can also give this board game on happy holidays day to your kid. And this would be a best Christmas gifts for them. And older kids learn how to play darts or it helps to enhance their concentration. This game is perfect present for kids who like sports and outdoor activities.
Cost: $42.99

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3. Flashing cube electronic brain game

This is a perfect gifts for 5-year-olds boy or girl who loves intellectual games and challenges. The game consists of a three-inch cube with different colors on each side. It has five games that test the player’s reflexes, memory, and problem-solving skills. The cube flashes different colors and the player must press the button that corresponds to the same color on the cube. It helps them to improve their cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. This game is very helpful for children in developing their memory and problem-solving skills.
Cost: $39.99

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4. Girls makeup kit

What to get a 5 year old for her birthday? This gift is good for all 11-year-old girls. It is the age when they start to like things like makeup and nail polish, etc. You can select these birthday gifts for her. This kit includes 2 lip glosses, 6 eye shadows, 1 bronzer powder, 9 color nail polishes in different colors, 2 blushes with applicators, 1 mascara, and a hair brush. It is an ideal gift for the girl who loves to look good and wants to start experimenting with makeup.
Cost: $32.85

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5. Henoda Robot toys

This robot toy will be perfect and they can enjoy playing this game alone. It is a real gift according to their choice and you would not find any fault with it. Two wheels roll for movement of the robot, easy control infrared remote that is used in TV and other small appliances. The robot has a great design and will be loved by the children who already have some knowledge about robots. These would be the best toys for your child 11 year old birthday bash.
Cost: $51.99

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6. RC Cars

This is a great gift for kids who love cars and want to race with their friends. The car is controlled by remote control and can travel up to 65 feet. It’s a great present for kids who love speed and racing games. The car can be detached to use as a normal toy. This is an excellent gift for your both 11-year-old son and daughter. And the battery life of these cars are excellent and your little kid will love it too.
Cost: $37.99

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7. Galaxy Slime Kit

Slime has become a popular toy for children and this slime kit will fulfill the needs of every child who loves everything galactic. This kit has everything that is needed to make the perfect slime, including six colors of glitter, stars, and sequins. It also includes a mixing bowl, measuring spoon, and instruction booklet. With this kit, your child can make the perfect slime every time. This is an excellent stem toy for kids who love to be creative and make things with their hands.
Cost: $30.95

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8. Electronic Piggy bank

This is a very cool and special gift for an 11-year-old. It can be used to store their money as well as teach them about saving money at an early age. The bank has a motion sensor and when the child puts their hand on it, it will start counting the money. This is a great way to help your child understand the value of money and how to keep it safe. These are the perfect fat brain toys for every child so give them and have stress relief holiday season.
Cost: $36.99

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9. LED Magnetic Pickup tool

The kid of age 11 will get immense joy from this toy. It is a magnetic pickup tool with an LED light that attracts small metal objects like screws, paper clips, and pins. This stylishly designed tool is perfect for your child to get their hands on things they usually can’t reach such as high-up bulbs or ceiling fan blades in the house. It is a good toy for kids who love to organize and clean the room. These are the best toys for every child and with this tool, they can fill their life with full of creativity.
Cost: $21.99

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10. Geographic Chemistry kit

This presentation provides a great opportunity for your 11-year-old to learn about chemistry. It consists of microscope slides, test tubes, chemicals, and other accessories. The kit has been designed in such a way that the kid learns how the elements are combined to produce molecules and compounds. And these would be excellent fat brain toys for every kid who loves art projects like this.
Cost: $34.99

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11. Wall collage art and craft kit

The wall collage art and craft kit is a perfect gift for 11 years old children. This is an ideal present that helps to encourage their creativity, as they can use their own photos, artwork, or drawings to make the collage. The kit contains all the necessary things that are required to make the collage. So, hang photos of your loved ones, your child’s drawing, or your favorite artwork on the board and display them. This is an ideal present for 11-year-old daughter to try their hand at creative arts.
Cost: $34.99

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12. Wireless Karaoke Machine

This is a perfect gift for kids who love music and want to enjoy singing. This karaoke machine has two built-in microphones and it can be connected to the TV. It also includes a demo disc with songs. The machine also allows you to sing along with the music by recording your voice. This is a great present for kids who love to sing and have a lot of fun. It also keep your child stress free from their regular studies. And these gift ideas for 5 year old daughter are perfect they can play music by recording her own voice.
Cost: $22.99

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13. Light-Up Unicorn Terrarium Kit

These would be perfect gifts for 5 year olds boys or girls. A unicorn planted in the glass container looks very pretty and cute. This unicorn plant has five lights on its horn which look fantastic at night or when it illuminates in the dark space of your child’s room. The flowers, grasses, led light and the container make this kit a perfect decoration for your child’s room. And this is also a good choice for birthday gifts 11 year old child as well.
Cost: $24.99

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14. BlueFire Kids Headphones

These would best toys for children who are into music and love to listen to songs on their headphones. The BlueFire Kids Headphones are designed especially for kids. The headphones come with a three-foot cord, so it’s easy for the child to move around with the headphones. They are adjustable and fit most head sizes. The sound quality is good, and the headphones are durable.
Cost: $15.99

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15. Yoophane Kids Waterproof Camera

This is a great gift to give your child who going to turn eleven. With this waterproof camera, they can take pictures underwater and don’t have to worry about dropping them in the pool or ocean. This camera comes with a wrist strap for selfies, and its battery life lasts for 90 minutes of continuous taking photos. It’s an excellent version to introduce your child to photography.
Cost: $40.99

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16. GlowCity Basketball

If your kid likes sports and especially basketball, gift them with the GlowCity Basketball. This game has got a strong rebounder system that can bear up to 300 pounds. It’s an ideal gift for outdoor play like the park, backyard or beachside. This game is designed to last long and can bear rough use by kids. The whole family can have fun while playing basketball game with this ball.
Cost: $47.97

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17. Cake Pop maker

This is a small kitchen appliance that most kids will love to receive as a gift. It is very easy to use and helps to create cake pops in minutes. These are delicious snacks that can be decorated in different ways and enjoyed by all. Kids who love baking will enjoy using this machine. It’s a good present for 11 year olds who love to cook and experiment with food.
Cost: $38.69

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18. Bluetooth Speaker

This is a perfect gift for an 11-year-old child who loves music and has a phone or music player. The Bluetooth speaker is very small in size, but the sound quality is really good. This is a great present for kids who love to listen to music and dance. It gives them more freedom to move around as they please. The speaker is lightweight and can be carried anywhere. The speaker comes in different colors and is very affordable.
Cost: $59.99

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19. EOVOLA Accessories Kit for Nintendo Switch

This accessories kit is the best birthday gift for your eleven years old child. This Nintendo Switch accessory kit is useful to keep your children safe from accidents while playing on this wonderful gaming console. It has a protective case of leather for the solid-state drive of the tablet, so you can store it safely when not in use or play with them without any worries. This game is excellent for children who are passionate about gaming.
Cost: $49.99

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20. SCS Direct Farm Animals Toys

If your 11-year-old loves animals and farming, then farm animal toys are a perfect gift for them. These toys are hand-painted and made of high-quality wood materials. They come with a solid wooden base that can sit on the floor as well as any tabletop. It is an ideal set gifted to your child on their birthday or any other special occasion.
Cost: $24.99

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21. 365 Bedtime Stories Book

This book aims to encourage children to read more. It has a story for each day of the year, and it’s perfect for children who are turning eleven years old. This book will help him or her to wind down before bedtime and encourages a love of reading. The stories book is a good gift for children who like to read, and it will help them to fall asleep easier at night.
Cost: $10.87

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22 Techno Gears Marble Run Mania

This is a very educational toy for a child who just turned 11 years old. This elaborate marble runs game allows them to run marbles through their maze using pushing buttons or switches built into the track. It offers lots of fun after assembling it. It requires batteries so you have to remember to buy batteries before giving this gift to your child on his or her birthday.
Cost: $24.77

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23. Soap & Bath Kit

This is a unique and perfect birthday gift for your 11 years old kid. It includes a goat milk soap, loofah, bath crystals, and a mesh sponge. They will love to take a bath with this set. This kit can help to make your child’s skin smoother, hydrated and younger-looking. And it smells great, and there is no harmful chemicals in it.
Cost: $34.99

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24. Allek Kick Scooter B02

This scooter is the perfect gift for any 11-year-old child. It is made of lightweight aluminum with a quick folding system that makes it easy to store and carry around. The scooter has a brake system and 100 mm PU wheels with ABEC 5 bearings that make it easy to ride on any terrain. This present will improve their fitness levels and enhance balance.
Cost: $69.99

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25. Kidzlane Dance Mat

This is an interesting gift for your child who is going to turn eleven years old. The kids just have to put on the dance belt that comes with this mat and then attach the power pack. This will give a sound signal when it’s done properly. They can select one of the songs from its fifty built-in songs, if they make a mistake the game will give a sound of boo. This is how it will keep them engaged for hours together.
Cost: $69.99

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26. Marrado Bedside Lamp with Bluetooth

This lamp is perfect for the five-year-olds who love to listen to music in their bed. It has a Bluetooth speaker that helps them to connect to their phone and play their favorite music. This is a great gift for kids who love to listen to music before going to sleep. The mat hematically shaped lamp gives a soft light to the room and makes the child feel safe.
Cost: $47.95

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27. VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

If your kid is very active and likes to play outside then this smartwatch for kids is the best birthday gift. This watch helps them keep track of time while playing or doing other activities. You can able to monitor their location using GPS technology on your smartphone. Many games on the watch keep your child entertained while playing, learning, and exercising. About 4 GB storage capacity provides enough space to download songs and images/ videos from the internet.

Cost: $50.46

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The Conclusion

Therefore, to give you some ideas for the perfect birthday gift, we’ve compiled a list of 27 items that any 11-year old boy or girl would love to receive. Whether they’re into video games, dolls, arts and crafts projects, sports equipment or anything else in between, there’s something on this list for them. These gifts are sure to be popular with your eleven year old as well as their friends who will undoubtedly want one too. We hope you find your perfect gift in this list and have a fantastic day. If you think we have missed something too add in above list then share your queries through a comment section below.