How to Redesign Your Shoes and Make them Look Unique

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We all strive toward uniqueness and originality. We don’t want to be a statistic and look like everyone else. We want to feel and act special and differentiate from the crowd. This is why we often do things that will make us different from everyone else.

These changes can come from buying or creating unique clothes, changing our personality, or learning things no one knows. All this creates a new persona out of us, a person that will be out of the ordinary and won’t fall under the trends or traditional rules.

In this article, we’re sharing some tips and ideas about making yourself truly original by reshaping and redesigning your boots. We’ll offer a couple of untraditional solutions for everyone to make on their own. These ideas may be complex for some and very easy for others. Read on and see the ideas, and put them into practice if you like them.

Add new laces

The fastest and easiest way to change the look of your boots is to remove the old laces and add new ones. This is the simplest solution and will be highly effective because your boots instantly get a new look. You’ll be surprised by how much the laces can add to the overall look of any shoe.

Get laces in a new color. You can even change a few until you find the right solution for the problem. You can go with different lace colors on both shoes or even other kinds of laces; it’s all up to you because this makes you the designer and not someone else.

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Paint them in a different color

A step forward is repainting your boots and making them look entirely different. Repainting your shoes can turn them from black to gray or any color you want. If they are light-painted, and you’re tired of them looking dull, you can go with a serious pitch black and go dark mode.

You can make one side keep its original paint and the other be painted differently. Make sure it looks natural because otherwise, it won’t be as spectacular as you want it to be. For this project, you’ll only need a leather coloring solution, which is sold in many stores and online.

Draw something on them

If you’re an artist, why waste your talent and not create unique boots by painting something on them. Go wild with your imagination and creativity and develop a true art of your boots. Who knows, maybe your original piece made today will be worth millions when you become a famous artist.

You can paint them any way you want. You can get oil paints, markers, or whatever you enjoy painting the most. If you’re not truly an artist, you can just sign them with a fluorescent marker and see how they reflect light in the dark. Use your imagination and create something that will be out of the ordinary.

Add additional fabrics and materials

Have you seen how cowboy boots look, especially those worn by cowgirls? They have additional leather or other types of laces flowing around the boots. You can add them personally by sewing or gluing them to the boots’ sides and back. This is a decorative solution, but it may look tremendous for those who like the style.

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Another great idea is installing additional materials. For example, a metal plate in the front and over the toes can be an interesting change on your boots. Customize the plate with your letters, images, or something else, and be unique when going out and about. You can do the same across the entire boot, not just the front.

Design your own eyelet boots

Removing the old looks is essential when trying to create a new boot design. If you have boring boots that you want to change, you may as well remove some of the parts on them. For example, change the eyelets and add new ones in which the laces will slide perfectly.

In most cases, every eyelet is made the same, but you can do whatever you feel. Change them with bigger and wider ones, so you can control the laces easily when tying or untying them. The color and material of the eyelets are also changeable, so feel free to experiment.


These five essential points on boot redesigning can make your boots brand new and, more importantly, completely original. When someone tries to buy the same as you have, they won’t be able to because you have exclusive rights over your creation.

If you become really good at it, you might as well start designing your own brand and create your own custom-design company. Everything’s possible with just one try of redesigning the poor-looking old boots you wear every day.