3 Top Tips to Ensure Your Home is Toddler Safe

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early days as babies to starting to take their first steps when they become toddlers. With this joy in watching them develop also comes the instinct to protect them in and around the house when they are beginning to walk around unaided. A house can be full of potential dangers for children of this age, so it is important to be safety aware in every room in your home.
Here are just some of the tips to keep in mind when you have toddlers to ensure that they explore in a safe environment.

Keep areas with water protected

One of the most dangerous places in some homes is if the property has water features or ponds in the garden areas. It is almost impossible to keep an eye on your toddler 100% of the time at all points through the day. If you have a water feature or pond it is excellent advice to look into covering it with safety mesh that can hold the weight of the child if it were to fall into the pond. For indoor areas with water such as the bathroom, especially where there is hot water, one option is to install anti-scald devices to the faucets to restrict the flow of hot water and minimize the risk of burns. Tub gates can help to restrict where the toddler can go at bath time keeping them away from the faucets and plug. Tub guards can also be installed to reduce the risk of toddlers injuring themselves if they slip onto the hard edges of a bath.

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Ensure your kitchen is safe

In the kitchen there are numerous hazards for any toddler. Cookers and drawers with sharp knives and cooking utensils pose huge risks so they should be positioned at a height and location that minimizes the risk to toddlers. Along with the utensil drawers it is worth storing these and cleaning chemicals in locked cupboards and drawers to ensure that they are not opened by your young ones. Many parents with young children who are beginning to walk take this phase of their development as a sign to modify or completely renovate their kitchen area to ensure it is toddler safe and fit for purpose. It is good practice to speak to professional kitchen fitters such as kitchen fitters Bolton who will be able to use their expertise in kitchen design and installation to offer guidance, designs and products that ensure your kitchen is safe and built to last.

Install a modern home security system

In these modern times a home security system is much more than just a burglar alarm. Modern home security systems use a number of cameras in and around the home that can be linked to smartphone apps. With this technology you can keep your eyes on every room and area of the house, even when you are not next to your toddler. You will also have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you and your loved ones will be alerted to any intrusion attempts on your property.