4 Hurdles Parents of Teens Face

parent mom and teen daughter e learning on virtual online class at home.

Adolescence is that phase of development that most parents dread; teens are known for raging mood swings, impulsive behavior, and a generally lousy attitude. However, this really doesn’t have to be the case; with the right amount of love, understanding, and patience, you’ll see your grouchy teen emerge into a well-rounded adult before you know it.

But before you can get to that parental horizon, you might need to overcome these common hurdles with your teen.

Sex Trafficking

There’s no doubt your teen is using social media and exploring the internet. With this, it’s critical for your teen to know how to stay safe online. You can’t keep your child away from the internet, although you can give them the tools to stay safe and avoid dangers.

The key to preventing child trafficking is education around the topic. If your teen knows how to identify predators online and in real life, you can be confident their risk of trafficking is reduced significantly.

Underage Drinking and Substance Abuse

Underage drinking and substance abuse are global issues. Unfortunately, these ventures seem a lot more appealing to the adolescent mind.

Instead of shunning the topic in your home and forbidding your teen from indulging, it’s crucial to talk about the dangers of drinking and substance abuse.

Inform your teen of the specifics of safe alcohol limitations while also educating your child on safe environments and how to identify dangerous environments. It’s essential to be objective and open, asking open-ended questions and letting your teen know that you are hearing them.

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Remember that you, too, were a teenager some time ago, so try and relate to your teen from such a perspective.

Safe Sex and Relationships

Teens also need to know about safe sex. Unfortunately, if you don’t provide education in this regard, you can’t expect your teen to understand how to navigate their early dating experiences.

Instead of hoping the school has covered this topic for you, instigate an open discussion and let your child know that sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of.

With this, it’s also worthwhile to discuss relationships; dating can be a nightmare for the ordinary teen, so be sure your teen has some information to guard them through their earliest experiences in a positive way.

Managing Emotions

One of the most common hurdles teenagers face is managing their own emotions. Unfortunately, this is the result of the influx of new hormones associated with puberty. For a young teen, a bad day can be highly chaotic and overwhelming.

Instead of leaving your teen to navigate unstable emotional states on their own or punishing them for mood swings, it’s essential to understand puberty.

Moreover, if you haven’t yet started educating your child on emotional regulation, now is your last chance. And if you don’t, you’ll risk your teen growing into an emotionally unstable adult who battles to cope.

Other common problems parents of teens face are bad influences in social settings, self-harm, mental health struggles, and self-confidence battles.