Tips for Keeping Your Pet Clean

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Are you dealing with a dirty doggy?

Worried that you are not keeping your pooch as clean as they should be?

Fear not, as the below blog will tell you everything you need to know about how to keep your dog clean all year round.

1. Brush your dog regularly

One of the most effective ways to keep your dog clean is to make sure that you brush them regularly. While it is often recommended that you only brush your dog once a week, if you struggle with keeping your dog clean, then you might want to consider brushing them daily. This is especially important if your dog loves to get down and dirty when playing outside.

Make sure that you invest in a good-quality dog brush or comb and always brush right down to the skin.

Don’t forget that you also need to keep your dog’s coat trimmed using a pair of quality dog clippers that are suitable for your breed.

2. Use dog shampoo

Although you may think that you can wash your dog using any shampoo that you have in your bathroom, there is a reason why dog shampoo was invented, and this is because it is specially formulated for dogs.

Look for a mild and hypoallergenic dog shampoo as this is less likely to cause any irritation but will still be able to effectively clean away any dirt and debris from their coat.

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3. Try pet wipes

If you find that your dog gets grubby when you are out and about, then pet wipes are a great idea. Both handy and portable, pet wipes are designed to clean your dog on-the-go and can be great for getting rid of dirt on their coat.

If you do not have any pet wipes and your dog gets dirty when you are out, then baby wipes are also effective and are unlikely to irritate your dog’s skin.

4. Use Paw Protectors

Keep your dog’s feet clean and protected with a dog paw protector. These handy accessories shield your furry friend’s paws from dirt, mud, hot pavements, and rough surfaces, ensuring their paws stay healthy and comfortable. Dog paw protectors act as a barrier against potential injuries, cuts, and irritants, particularly during outdoor activities or walks. They are especially beneficial during extreme weather conditions, providing insulation from icy sidewalks or scorching surfaces. Regular use of these protectors can prevent the accumulation of harmful bacteria and debris, reducing the risk of infections. Embracing dog paw protectors as part of your pet care routine will promote better paw hygiene and overall well-being for your beloved canine companion.

5. Clean your dog’s belongings

When it comes to keeping your dog clean, you may not have thought about how clean their clothing and toys are, but this can affect their overall level of cleanliness.

To keep your dog as clean as possible, make sure that you also clean or sanitize all of their belongings including their dog blanket, dog bed, dog toys and their food and water bowls.

You don’t need to buy any special cleaning products to clean your dog’s belongings as household cleaning products will work just fine.

6. Clean their mouths, eyes and ears

As well as keeping their coat clean, you also need to make sure that you clean your dog’s mouth, ears and eyes.

If you are not keen on the idea of brushing your dog’s teeth, then you might want to try using a dental stick which is fun for your dog and helps to keep their mouth fresh and clean.

You should clean your dog’s ears once a month using a damp cloth or cotton ball, but don’t ever stick anything into their ears as this can cause damage.

Clean your dog’s eyes whenever you notice any discharge in the corners of their eyes. If they appear red or inflamed, then you should book an appointment with your vet to rule out an infection.

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