How to Clean Grout and Restore the Brightness of the Tiles?

glossy white ceramic brick tile wall and black tile floor

The blackened grout often disturbs the sparkling white tiles of the bathroom or home. The grout is the mixture of water, cement, and sand used to seal the tiles’ gaps. However, dirt and dust accumulation on grout often blackens. Grout is quite challenging to clean and simple scrubbing is not enough to get off the stubborn grime and dirt.

Lack of cleaning the grout even leads to the growth of mildews and moulds. This cleaning and restoring of the grout are crucial to maintain overall indoor hygiene and restore the aesthetics indoors. Cleaning the grout from time to time is one of the best ways to maintain the hygiene and appearance of the tiles.

If you are struggling with cleaning grout, here are some effective ways to clean the grout and ensure it remains effectively clean.

Use a professional scrubbing machine

An effective and efficient way to do so is by using a grout cleaning machine. The heavy-duty machine ensures that grout is cleaned by scrubbing and deep cleaning across various surfaces. The machines use a combination of heat and detergent to easily remove grime, grease, stain, and dirt from the grout. It comes with a range of attachments like floor brushes or handles that eases the process of cleaning the grout. It helps in eliminating the deposition of mold, mildew, and residual particles from the surface.

Use warm water and detergent and a brush

Although it is a little challenging and not as effective as the grout cleaner, it helps significantly in removing the residues. Use a bristle brush and detergent to gently scrub the grout lines with the help of warm water. Spray the water but do not let the water sit for too long or dry. As soon as you scrub, make sure to instantly clean it off with water and run a vacuum over it to collect the dry water. However, it is a bit of a time-consuming process and requires more hard work.

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Use a combination of vinegar and warm water

It is an effective home-based grout removal cleaning solution that softens the accumulated dust and removes it. Over time, the grout accumulates heavy dirt or stains that blackens the grout surface. Fill a spray bottle with equal parts of warm water and vinegar, gently spray the mixture on the grout, and scrub it with a brush. It is an effective way to clean off the accumulated grime or dirt from the grout.

Hydrogen peroxide helps with grout cleaning

If the grout is lightly stained, it is best to clean it off with hydrogen peroxide as it gives a bleaching effect. If the stains are not intense and moderate, pouring hydrogen peroxide and rubbing it off is enough to remove them. An efficient paste used as grout cleaner is one of hydrogen peroxide mixed with two parts of baking soda. Apply it to the grout, let it settle for five minutes and scrub it off. It instantly helps with the removal of stains.

Commercial grout stain remover

Professional-grade grout cleaning solutions instantly help with cleaning grout and efficiently remove molds or mildews. The formulation helps in restoring the brightness of grout lines. Such products are easy and convenient to use as they can be sprayed and scrubbed to easily remove dust and grime. Ensure the stain remover formulation is non-toxic and non-hazardous, ensuring easy cleaning.

Summing up

There are a few homemade formulation and grout cleaners that help in effective cleaning of grout but requires thorough scrubbing. The commercial grout cleaning tools and machines are a better choice as it is easy to clean the debris, dust, and pathogens through deep scrubbing. The machines have an adjustable range of settings and work across multiple surfaces.

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