How Can You Use Technology To Improve Your Parenting Approaches?

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Distractions in the shape of online games, social networking, and YouTube viewing might break up your planned routine for the day, as traditional parenting approaches are deemed ineffectual thanks to current technological integrations into society.
Now that we are currently in the middle of a pandemic, the rise of excessive technology use among youngsters as young as six years old has been apparent.

According to a 2020 research conducted by NortonLifeLock in the United Kingdom, 60% of 1000 UK youngsters have exceeded their digital screen time limits. As a result, more parents are increasingly worried about their children’s safety and well-being.
Responsible parents are merging innovative methods to elevate their parenting practices with technology to handle the hours kids spend browsing via media platforms, playing online games, and watching movies or videos online.

And with the technology integrated by them, tech-savvy parents are also incorporating the use of a QR code generator online to organize their children’s screen time schedules and keep track of the chores they assign each child for.

How To Use Technology To Improve Your Parenting Approaches?

Technology now signifies the way people consume and disseminate information. And as they are highly integrated into most practices, wise parents can improve their parenting approaches by using the same technology that people use for work and business.

1. Make a Digital Incentive System for Your Kids

Because most parents want their youngsters to learn how to work harder for the stuff they desire, setting up a reward and penalty system can assist parents in keeping track of their children’s ability to complete chores, homework, and other responsibilities on time.

Because traditional whiteboard and pen reward writing systems can be erased or manipulated by your kids, using digital reward scheme applications is a wiser choice.

You can continually monitor your kids to see if they completed the activity you assigned them and set scores for the prize each kid requests using digital rewards scheme applications.

2. Set Your Kids’ Daily And Weekly Schedules Using Google Calendar

The family calendar, which is kept in the shared space for quick access and inspection, is one thing that keeps a parent from neglecting their kid’s most anticipated occasion.

However, because the space given by paper calendars is sometimes inadequate for several one-day activities, a better option, such as online calendars such as Google Calendar, can assist cover the void.

Responsible parents can utilize it to upgrade their calendar planning online to share it with their family with only just a few presses.

3. Make a Nighttime Routine Checklist for Your Family Online

Building a digital checklist for your kids to help them have an intelligent night routine is a terrific way to keep track of and edit their tasks. Your youngsters can cross off items on the checklist as they complete them, and you will be notified when they are finished.

4. On All Your Devices, Set a Screen Time Limit

Today’s children spend more time watching television than participating in sports. As a result, many youngsters have impaired vision and struggle with pains regularly. To address this problem, parents must integrate parent management software into their home devices, such as smartphones, tablet devices, and desktops, to minimize their kid’s screen time.

Using this method, you may set the amount of time your kids have to view, interact, or study on various gadgets.

If your children are currently in the middle of a binge-watching session on 1337X, you need to fix a screen time to help them rest their eyes. Make sure that you are not too harsh on them especially during the holidays of after the end of their examinations.

5. Save Your Kids’ Drawings or Writings, and Safe Keep it

You must secure a copy of your children’s creative works as a proud parent. To do so, download an electronic scanner app to your smartphone and take a picture, which you can then store and maintain for a great many years by exporting it to a cloud storage service.

You may constantly transform an image into an image QR code and make it a weekly routine if you want to promote one of your kid’s creations at home. You may always utilize it and have your family scan and view the featured artwork of other family members to accomplish this.

6. Incorporate the use of QR codes

Considering that technology enables you to upgrade your parenting practices, transferring them from one gadget to another can nuisance for you and your family. Establishing a functional parenting apps network for five or more devices takes longer since you must sign your parenting apps subscription to each gadget in your home independently.

As a result, many astute parents are looking for a better way to publicize their upcoming programs and experiences. QR codes are an effective option that they can employ.

Using a QR code generator with logo online, parents can use them to store PDFs of their children’s work, transform photographs into QR codes, and scan them to speed up the calendar access process, among other things.


Parenting is difficult for most parents, whether they admit it or not. Digital distractions impede people from finding superior parenting outcomes as they try different existent and unique techniques to nurture their kids to become reasonable and responsible individuals in the upcoming years.
Parents today upgrade their parenting skills with technologies as the future of parenting is intertwined with it and make every opportunity count with a few clicks from their gadgets.

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