Top 7 Base Things for the Summer Wardrobe

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Have you already sorted out your summer wardrobe? If you haven’t had time yet, then here is the instruction on how to do it. In order to understand what you need, we offer a list of seven basic things of a summer wardrobe. These things are versatile, functional, and if you will have them, your life will be much easier. If you suddenly realized that summer has come, and there is nothing to wear, this list will be useful for you.

1. Light jeans

A universal option for summer is light, shortened, thin cotton, straight cut jeans of medium fit. Pick up jeans that will fit you well: go shopping, try on several different models. After enough fittings, you will exactly find your ideal option, but do not forget to think about what you will wear them with. The main problem with sets with jeans is that they are worn only with sports knitwear, forgetting about other options. Combine jeans with shirts, jackets, underwear tops, loafers, heels, add accent accessories, and you will see that the usual blue jeans will become a stylish base and will play in a new way.

2. White trousers

White color is always relevant and universal in combinations. Any accent looks great on white. It is very important to choose the right model, like palazzo trousers, culottes, or high-rise, and then white trousers will easily fit into your wardrobe. And what other color, if not white, to wear in the heat?

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3. T-shirt

You should have it in not only white but also in gray, blue, black, red, and in other colors matching your eyes – that’s because the T-shirts play a major role in the summer wardrobe. So, there should be a sufficient number of T-shirts in the wardrobe, one or two definitely can not do. Secondly, when choosing the clothes take into account the quality of the fabric, color, cut, neckline and length. Plain T-shirts are more versatile, they are easier to choose from and combine. Although the fashionable print and inscriptions should not be ignored too. According to the type of fit, T-shirts are fitted, semi-fitted, or oversize. We recommend choosing a T-shirt made of natural cotton, not too tight, so that there is free space between the body and the T-shirt, no matter what cut it is.

4. Silk top

Light, dark, bright, muted — natural silk top is out of competition. Choose a model that fits you better, for example, a top with thin straps or a simple cut sleeveless top with an oval or V-neck. A silk top is good both by itself and in combination with a shirt, cardigan, or light jacket. The elegant impression of a silk top can be emphasized with clothes or accessories made of unusual materials, or, on the contrary, it can be combined with casual clothes.

5. White shirt

However, a plain shirt of a different light shadow will also suit.

The versatility of a white shirt is represented in the fact that it can be worn in different ways and in a variety of combinations. Take notice, that a modern white shirt is a straight male cut, and here is a lifehack – search for T-shirts and shirts in the men’s department. Choose a shirt made of 100% soft cotton, so that the fabric easily takes the desired shape.

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A white shirt is easily combined with jeans, trousers, short shorts, and a midi skirt. Wear it with the rolled-up sleeves, do not button the top, and do not iron it much, because a slightly crumpled white shirt looks more textured. By the way, feel free to add eye-catching jewelry and bright accents.

6. Shirtdress

Plain or printed, short or below the knee, made of jeans or thin cotton – a model of a shirt Gingham dress can be chosen for any taste. The combination options are also very diverse: with sneakers and heels, sandals and flats, with a belt and without – depending on the combination, a universal shirt dress will look completely different.

7. Blazer

Straight male cut with one or two buttons, single-breasted or double-breasted. Pay attention to the cut and material. According to the cut, it should be rather a man’s straight jacket, rather than a fitted to the figure jacket. The optimal composition of the material for summer is a cotton-based mixture. The blazer is irreplaceable in cool weather. In combination with trousers or a skirt and classic shoes, it looks strict, but if you wear it with jeans or shorts, or choose the outfit with a T-shirt, underwear top, or sneakers, you will create the style of smart casual.

So, in this article, we have told you about the base things that should be in the summer wardrobe of any woman. Hope that you have found some new information here. We wish you creative ideas and good shopping. Have a nice weekend!