5 Questions You Should Raise before Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Do you know road accidents could become the 5th main cause of death by the end of this decade? If you happen to be a victim of a motorcycle accident, then there’s a high chance that your medical bills are increasing. To avoid unnecessary money flow, it’s suggested to take help from a motorcycle accident lawyer. They can fight on your behalf and helps you to receive proper compensation.

However, before coming to the hiring decisions, you must take some time to research the particular lawyer. Here are the top 5 questions you should ask the lawyer before hiring. When you ask these questions, you will realize if the lawyer is perfect for you or not.

Ask Them If They Specialize in Motorcycle Case

With more than 135,221 personal injury lawyers in the United States, not every lawyer can fulfill your demand. Thus, before hiring a lawyer, ask them if they specialize in motorcycle accident cases.

If a lawyer has a specialty in this kind of case, they will share their previous motorcycle case experiences. They will also have a vast knowledge of motorcycle laws. Additionally, don’t forget to ask them about their general experience. When you choose an experienced lawyer, he will not only help you to succeed but also give you peace of mind.

Ask If They Have Courtroom Experience

Apart from experience in legal activities, a good lawyer must have years of experience in the courtroom. You may come in touch with a lawyer who prefers to settle an argument out of court. That particular lawyer might not be suitable for you.

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Instead, try to find a lawyer who has years of courtroom experience and comfortable with the courtroom trial. Every lawyer provides a free consultation. Hence, before working with them, consult freely and pay attention to their confidence as well as communication skills. If the lawyer is lacking communication skills, then you should search for another one.

Ask Their Rate of Success

As per Car and Driver, more than 16,650 motorcyclists died because of road accidents in 2020. Many families never received a single penny as compensation. Hence, you should find a motorcycle accident attorney who has a high rate of success.

Ask them their winning percentage as well as recent cases. Make sure to compare your case with the others to get a better idea about the winning ratio. Additionally, ask them about their legal strategies to know them better.

Ask Them about Their License

Before working with a lawyer, make sure that they have a proper legal license to practice law and perform legal activities in your state. You can visit the local bar association to check if the lawyer is licensed or not. If you find impurity or notice the license are not up to date then remove them from your list.

Additionally, research if the lawyer is an active law organization member. Their membership is proof of their recent trial techniques and strategies. Click on this link

Ask Them about Their Fee Structure

Don’t forget to ask the lawyer about their fee structure or contract. Ask them about the package or what services you could expect from them. Also, remember to ask if they work on a contingency basis.

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Some lawyers take a relevant percentage of your winning amount, while others may charge you $100-$450 an hour.

If the lawyer has a contingency fee structure, then you will pay him only when you win the case. They will take a percentage of your compensation money or reward as per contract.

If you’re searching for a lawyer for a long time but still unable to find any, then visit Flagler Personal Injury Group online website and choose the lawyer relevant to your case.


These are the 5 questions you should ask when hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer. However, don’t assume that hiring a lawyer will ensure your winning. Because whether you will win or lose, it all depends on your case and how experienced the lawyer is to speak on your behalf.