What To Eat (And Not To Eat) After A Root Canal

A root canal treatment is a dental procedure wherein a dentist will remove the dead or diseased pulp tissue inside a tooth. This is done to save the tooth instead of extracting it.

There are several reasons why a pulp becomes dead or diseased. These include a deep decay due to untreated cavities, unattended chipped or cracked tooth, and even a jaw or face injury.

Once the pulp is cleaned and removed, the tooth is then considered dead. Keep in mind that the pulp or the actual root canal is the one that allows you to feel pain because it acts as a sensor. While the tooth may be dead, it will still function the way it should, except for feeling pain due to, say, cold or hot temperatures.

If you have recently completed your procedure, you are likely wondering what foods and drinks you may consume, as well as the ones you should avoid. It makes total sense considering that you are here. So, without further ado –

These are the foods and drinks you may consume after a root canal procedure:

Fruit Smoothies

Smoothies are one of the drinks you may take after endodontic treatment. As the name states, they are smooth and soft. Accordingly, they are unlikely to cause any harm to the healing process.


Like smoothies, yogurt has a soft and smooth texture. Hence, it is also a perfect choice of snack to enjoy after having the surgery.

You may want to opt for Greek yogurt, though, as they offer several health benefits.

Ice Cream (without nuts or anything crunchy or chewy)

You may eat ice cream, too, and have the freedom to choose the flavor that you like. You must be mindful, though, of the add-ons and inclusions of the flavor of your choosing. This is because you must not eat anything crunchy or chewy.

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So, make sure to choose an ice cream that is a pure cream and without any add-ons.


Bananas are one of the ideal snacks to munch on after having a dental procedure for your root canal. Aside from being nutritious, they also have a soft texture. In fact, you don’t even need too much biting when you eat bananas.


Another type of fruit that you may enjoy is mangoes. Just make sure to eat only the ripe ones because they have a soft and smooth texture.

Green mangoes, on the other hand, may require force on your jaw and teeth to bite every piece. Therefore, avoid the green and unripe mangoes after endodontic therapy.


Pears are also an ideal fruit to snack on after a root canal procedure. While their texture is not as soft and as smooth as bananas and ripe mangoes, eating them will not require you to use too much force for biting.


After having endodontic therapy, you may treat yourself with a plate of pancakes. They have a soft texture making them an ideal food to consume after dental surgery, especially when it involves the pulp of a tooth.


Pudding of any type is a great choice, as well. Whether it may be bread, fruit, or chocolate, they are fine as long as the mixture is consistently smooth and soft.

Try to avoid including any toppings or add-ons that will require excessive biting.

Scrambled eggs

If you do not want to eat any sweets, scrambled eggs should be your go-to meal after having root canal therapy. Just like all the foods and drinks given above, they are smooth and soft to the point of as if they are melting in your mouth.

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Mashed potatoes

Another perfect choice is a snack is mashed potatoes. Aside from having a soft and consistent texture, they will also make you feel full even on small portions. Do not put any toppings or add-ons, though, like herbs or corn, because they may hamper the healing process.

As for the ones you should avoid:

Keep in mind that after a root canal procedure, the tooth or teeth in question no longer has pulp/s inside. So, they are very fragile and prone to breakage, especially if the healing process has yet to be completed.

Therefore, to avoid any inconveniences or further damage, you must not take foods and drinks that are:

  • Crunchy
  • Chewy
  • Hard
  • Sticky

Aside from the ones given above, you must also stay away from these:

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Excessively hot or cold consumables
  • Spicy food

The reason being is that they may lengthen further the healing period of the overall treatment. It is worth noting that the last step of endodontic therapy involves the adding of the crown or a filling.

So, you must avoid exposing the newly placed crown or filling to the given foods and drinks to allow them to adjust effectively into your mouth.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the foods and drinks that you should focus on are the ones with a soft and smooth texture. As much as possible, you may want to center your attention on those that are nutritious and beneficial to your oral and dental health after having endodontic therapy or root canal treatment.

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