Where Did My Body Go? How to Regain Confidence in the New You, Following Pregnancy

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The saying, ‘Nine months on, nine months off’ is often used to suggest how long it takes the average mum to regain her figure, post pregnancy. Looking at some of the more well-known celebrity mums around the world, you’d be forgiven for thinking that snapping back into your skinny jeans takes a matter of days, not months.

But here in the real world, where nannies, private chefs and personal trainers on tap is not the norm, the journey back to finding yourself can feel much more like a marathon, than a sprint.

So, where do you start? How can you make an impact and make the most of the new you when you’re living less of a Hollywood life?

Five Things You Can Do To Update Your New Mum Look

Face and Hair

Starting at the top, your hair and face can either scream, ‘ I’m in the middle of a meltdown,’ or ‘I’ve got this.’ Even if it’s saying the latter, and you’re feeling the former, it still counts! A bit of self care and time to groom can add an air of confidence to your look, even if it hasn’t filtered into how you feel just yet.

Maybe you need to rethink your skincare and make-up routine, so that you can still make the most of what you have, but in a fraction of the time. Choose a tinted moisturiser, get your lashes and brows tinted and invest in a couple of fabulous lip colours, and you’re good to go.

Hairstyles don’t adhere to many rules these days, so choose a style that’s versatile and easy to manage. You may not have the time, or the energy to spend on styling your locks, so make life easier for yourself by choosing a low maintenance chop.

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Ah yes! You remember them, and where they used to be!! Whether you choose to breastfeed or not, pregnancy will undoubtedly have taken its toll on your breast shape, size and volume. Treat yourself to some underwear that enhances what you still have, and holds your breasts in place, with a bit of added volume if you need it.

For some women, that’s not going to give them the results they want, and they look for additional support in the way of breast augmentation. Don’t be mistaken in thinking these are only for those seeking a bigger bust. Many women, post pregnancy, look to have a breast augmentation to re-establish what they had before, rather than create a fuller look. Adding implants can lift and reshape the breasts, as well as increase the size, if that’s what you’re looking to achieve. If you’re looking for a boob job at a London based cosmetic surgery then Enhance Medical Group come recommended.

Body shape

Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to escape the ‘mum bod.’ Maybe you’re embracing it and you see it as a badge of honour, in return for all your hard work and sacrifices. If this is you, fantastic! Don’t change a thing! For some, however, their self confidence goes hand in hand with their body image. If they don’t like the way their body looks, their entire self image can take a beating. The important thing here is to set yourself small, achievable goals that you will be able to maintain over the long term. There are more benefits than just looking good when you embark upon a lifestyle overhaul. No doubt you feel tired from the demands of looking after a baby, and exercise is the last thing on your ‘to do’ list. However, eating healthily and fitting in regular exercise will boost not only your body, but also your brain. A positive mindset will motivate you to continue on your healthy journey, and you’ll see the benefits in your body shape too.

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A carefully thought out wardrobe, with a range of mix and match essentials will make the start of your day easier. When you’re busy looking after a newborn, the last thing you think about is what you’re going to wear. Your baby, on the other hand, is probably sporting a carefully coordinated ensemble, matching socks and all. If you maintain an orderly wardrobe of your own, you will always be able to achieve a casual, stylish look without too much trouble. Layer your look if the time of year allows, and there will always be something to hide those stray stains that scream, ‘baby was here!’


No matter how much you are in complete love with your baby, you will both benefit from a bit of time apart. Whether you have help available in the way of family and friends, or your only time alone is when they are sleeping, it’s important to find a few moments to just ‘be.’ Easier said than done, I agree, but even a few minutes, with even a lukewarm cuppa (let’s face it, it’s always cold), can make all the difference. It’s really just about getting a chance to switch off for a while. Whatever you can do to decompress, be it reading, watching TV or just enjoying time to ‘be’ is fine, just find the time and you’ll have a renewed sense of energy and a more positive outlook to continue the day.

There’s no denying that raising children takes its toll on your body and mind, but the rewards far outweigh the hard work, even if it does take a few years to see the return on your investment! It’s easy to lose yourself in the process, and forget the need for self care. If you’re struggling with the idea that spending time on yourself is somewhat selfish, bear in mind that the better you look after yourself, the better equipped you are to take care of a baby. Try to see ‘your time’ as a way of bringing out the best in yourself. Everyone will benefit from you taking care of yourself, so if you’re struggling with the idea of doing it for yourself, do it for your children!

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