How Does Having a Career, Make You an Even Better Mom?

What does it mean to work when you are a mother? A career and finding yourself in it is one of the most essential aspects of life that we all experience. Sometimes work is just a source of income, sometimes it’s like self-fulfillment and self-realization. It happens that a person cannot live without work, because it becomes an inseparable part of everyday life. We usually start working when we are alone (without children). Career and work experiences become the main center of our life, it is where we learn many new things about ourselves, and where we experience many emotional situations, both happy, joyful, easy, and sad or difficult. And when you become a mother, all of your life instantly turns into a plan created by the child, the former almost most important job becomes not so relevant. Some mothers said that it is better to be just a mom, take care of your children and see how they grow, develop, and learn new things. On another hand, it is really important to have your income and ensure financial stability for yourself and your children. Keeping this idea in our minds, we are going to look at the positive aspects of having both, a career and children.

Self-realization brings happiness to family

Self-realization is defined as a person becoming healthy and mature, developing all necessary parts (dimensions) of the personality, discovering and realizing special talents, and finally becoming what a person can become. So, we should analyze the activities that make time fly by and make us happy. A properly chosen career allows us to further strengthen the feeling of self-realization – then we feel good not only for a few moments a day, but all day every day. It is extremely important to be a happy mother. When a child sees a happy mother, he grows up happier, and more confident. The mother transmits her feelings to the child. If the mother is depressed, the child will feel it. If the mother constantly and for a long time feels sadness, and disappointment, and is not happy about anything, the child, growing up, develops a rather sad picture of life and the world. The environment around him seems harsh, maybe even a little dangerous. Such a child may even think that he is to blame for his mother’s poor well-being. Sometimes such children also have communication or social problems: they avoid communication, do not trust themselves and others, and feel very shy. When a person is unhappy, it is more difficult for him to adapt, achieve his goals and bring happiness to his loved ones. Due to the constant feeling of unhappiness, various psychological problems may appear in the long run, which would require the help of specialists. After all, parents would like to raise happy, spiritually strong children.

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Financial stability affects kids

Every mother should ensure her and her child’s financial stability. Financial stability and personal economic situation do not depend only on the amount of salary – you need to know how to manage the income. In addition, money is a tool for your goals and dreams to achieve, but this is possible only with proper management. After all, if, for example, your children dream of a camping holiday next summer, or having sweets or fun with friends, you as a mother will want to let your children experience this joy. So, by earning money and managing your income, you will achieve your dream to have a safe and stable life for yourself and your children. Financial planning for a child’s life is important in that we ensure a more stable and secure future for them, and at the same time greater peace of mind for ourselves. Today, more and more parents are interested in different ways of saving and investing. Each family chooses the most suitable method for themselves. A mother with developed financial habits, and devoted time to self-education, can bring safety to children’s lives and, of course, grow a new generation of happy or even financially savvy kids.

Conscious parenting

I think in this modern era or Western world people usually talk about conscious parenting. Conscious parenting is a concept of thinking when parents decide to have children and start creating a family not because they have to, but because they want to have a baby. In addition, they want to grow and react to their children not from their egos, but from a perception that every child is a new and independent person in this world. Usually, but of course not always, women seek a career and postpone a pregnancy a bit later. It is a known fact that in today’s modern world women have started to have a child later according to their age in comparison with women in the past. And many of those women seek to have careers and a family. Of course, many of them practice conscious parenting, including their ability to be here at the moment, take care of themselves, and, of course, their children’s health. It should be mentioned that as women age, the possibility of oocyte fertilization and having baby decreases. However, due to the advanced medical healthcare system, new scientific technologies, and better living conditions, for instance, nutrition, intake of supplements, possibility to exercise even at home, women can have healthy children even after their early 30s. One of the articles: ensures that women can increase their fertility and have a child when they are ready, stable, and mature. To conclude, we want to emphasize that consciousness is essential in parenting. Every mother wants to connect with herself and her children through love, patience, happiness, and grow strong, happy kids.

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The bottom line

There are many stereotypes about working mothers in our society. Many people believe that working moms are bad, overworked, careless, etc. These stereotypes need to be broken away. Working moms have their dreams and, of course, they love their children too. Indeed, having a balance between your personal and children’s needs, makes you a happy mother. It is true, happy mother – happy children.