The Benefits of Implant Revision Surgery

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts after undergoing breast augmentation surgery,…

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts after undergoing breast augmentation surgery, then you might want to consider a breast implant revision procedure. Even if you enjoyed your implants for many years, there may come a point when you would like to once again alter the size and shape of your breasts. Some patients also decide to have their implants removed entirely, and that procedure can have a very big impact on an individual’s confidence and overall comfort.

Signs You Are Ready for Implant Revision Surgery

There are many different reasons why you might be considering breast implant removal in Houston. The breast augmentation procedure has a very high success rate, but implants aren’t going to last forever. You might also experience any number of unwanted symptoms or side effects following the implant procedure. If too much scar tissue is created, then your breasts could become very tender or sore. Implants can rupture or become twisted as well, and those issues will cause serious cosmetic and medical problems if they aren’t addressed right away.

Some patients also undergo breast implant revision surgery because they are unhappy with their figures. Your ideal figure could change over the years, and you might want to increase or decrease the size of your breasts. The best way to achieve your new cosmetic goals is to work with a surgeon who has experience carrying out revision procedures. Your surgeon might suggest that you replace your old implants with new implants or remove them permanently. You can also add a breast lift to your revision procedure if the tissue or skin is beginning to sag.

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Breast Revision Surgery

The breast implant revision procedure is highly personalized, and that is why you must work with a skilled surgeon who has experience carrying out this operation. When you meet with your surgeon, you will be given very detailed instructions regarding what you must do to get ready for your surgery. In addition to staying as healthy as possible leading up to the procedure, you will also need to set up a comfortable place in your home where you can recover for at least a few days. The operation itself usually takes two to three hours to complete, but your surgery might be longer if extensive alterations are going to be made.

Some discomfort after breast implant removal in Houston is completely normal, and that pain can typically be managed with the medication that is prescribed by the surgeon. You should plan on spending at least a few days in bed while the incisions heal. During that time, a loved one must be nearby to help you with everyday tasks. Within a week, the average patient can begin to move around, bathe, and change their bandages on their own. As long as you don’t have a strenuous job, you should be able to return to work within two weeks. By the fifth or sixth week, strenuous activities can usually be resumed.