Learn How to Pair Your Skin Tone to Your Makeup

Right makeup will make you look great, however, with makeup that is too dark for your skin it might make your face look orangey, if the foundation is lighter than your skin tone you would have a ghostly look. Almost every one of us must have accidentally done such makeup atrocities or have witnessed on someone else’s. Guessing the right shade for your makeup that is suitable for your skin is a very difficult task and most of the time you go wrong. Ethni Beauty Market brings the best products that help you get the right shades that suit all skin tones.

Assess Skintone and undertone

It is essential that you should know what your skin tone is in order to find out which is the best makeup that suits your skin tone. Skin tone analysis helps you to get to know the best foundation colour that matches your skin that does not make you look artificial. You need to know how to determine the skin tone in order to understand the makeup that matches you. To determine the skin tone firstly, answer the question:- what is my skin tone?, you need to make use of the products that are similar to the skin shade of your face. In order to assess the skin tone understand if you have skin like porcelain, pale, or dark.

The second step is to understand what is your undertone, yes, though it is difficult to understand what’s the skin tone it is important to know what is the undertone of your skin.

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To understand your undertone just flip your wrist and look at the veins, if your veins are blue or purple then you have a cool undertone, if you have green veins then you are a warm undertone skin person, if you are neither of it then you probably have a neutral undertone.

The other way to understand your undertone is with plain white paper; just hold it against your face and if your face looks pink or blue then you have a cool undertone, if it turns yellow you have a warm undertone, if it turns grey then you are neutral. Another way to find out what your undertone is by choosing the metals. If you can carry gold properly then you have a warm undertone, if you look good in silver then cool is your undertone, if you can carry both of them then you are a neutral undertone person.

Now that you are ready with your skin tone and your undertone blend the shades to get the right foundation for your skin. Try to get blendable foundations that match your skin tone, you can do a swatch test just take these foundation swatches from your cheek down to your neck and see which colour is blending well with your skin and that would be your foundation.

Pick a Concealer and setting powder

Getting the right concealer is also the biggest trick because concealer is something that can help you hide the dark spots, uneven skin tones or any blemishes also sometimes pigmentation. Try to find a concealer that is equal to your foundation.

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After you have finished selecting your foundation it is also important to set the makeup with the right powder. Don’t look for any coloured powders because already you have foundation and concealer on the skin. Coating on another layer of powder will add many layers of makeup. Look for a translucent powder that does not add more layers of makeup on your skin.

Blushes and Lip colours

Once you are done with the right foundation, concealer, and the setting powder next is your blush and your lip colour. It again depends on your undertone as well, for medium skin tone go for brownish blushes for dark skin tone look for the blush that is suitable to your skin, for fair complexion pick up peach hues.

There are many products that offer the undertones on the packaging that will save your time and effort to understand what is the best blush for you. Lip colours don’t have to be matching to your skin because lip colours and blushes are the ones that are actually contrasting and they accentuate the skin. If you do not have contrasting or bright colours you will look flat with the makeup in the same colour. There are many beautiful colours that complement the skin. Lip colours don’t necessarily have to be complimenting your makeup because they also have to compliment your outfit look for lip colours that compliment your dresses and outfits.