7 Bizarre SKINFOOD Products That Are Surprisingly Effective

The beauty industry is full of various kinds of products that you might be unaware of. With the thousands of beauty products, you might be surprised at how many quirky products are there. Exploring the world of beauty can be truly exciting, especially now that many beauty companies are stepping up to innovate and produce beauty products with the finest formulations.

We all know Korean beauty products for their quality, natural, and gentle formula. One beauty brand stood out for its bizarre brand image and philosophy among these premium and luxurious products. SKINFOOD is a K-beauty brand that specializes in food-based makeup and skincare products. Strangely, many enthusiasts became a follower of this brand.

Here, you will find a list of their products that might earn a spot on your beauty regimen. Do not be afraid, as these products have been tested and proven to be safe for usage.

1. Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream

First, do not think twice about buying this concealer because you do not want to smell fishy. This product will not let you smell fishy, but it can conceal the heck out of your under-eye. It utilizes the omega-3 found in salmon oil and salmon roe to hide your dark circles and reduce signs of skin aging naturally. It offers excellent coverage, and one purchase can last you months.

2. Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake

Made with real cacao powder, this brow powder is not as bold as most brow powders you may find in your local stores. It offers a cool tone that might suit most people with total black hair. This product is highly buildable, and you can use it as an eyeshadow as well. If you are aiming for a natural brow look, this might be one of your best options. There is no doubt why this powder landed as one of the best-selling brow powders in Korea.

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3. Vege Garden Cleansing Foam

The garden might not be the first place you can think of when looking for a cleanser, but it can certainly produce quality ingredients for your skincare products. This cleansing foam comes in three types: peanut (moisturizing), mugwort (purifying), and wild berry (tightening). These cleansers are guaranteed to provide you a refreshing feeling, but consider possible allergic reactions before trying them out.

4. Rice Mask Wash Off

Who would have thought that a kitchen staple would end up as an exfoliator? Rice is an ingredient that possesses numerous benefits for our skin, such as brightening, calming, and moisturizing. This SKINFOOD bestseller is a gentle face mask that can effectively sweep off dirt, oil, and impurities on your face. It comes with fine rice grains to exfoliate the skin without irritation, even for sensitive skin types.

5. Milk Shake Point Make-Up Remover

This makeup remover is one of SKINFOOD’s latest products. Unfortunately, this is not the milkshake that will bring boys to your yard, but it can effectively remove your makeup without too much scrubbing. It works wonders on getting rid of your eye makeup, which we know is sometimes a pain to remove. The product comes with a vanilla fragrance, but it is not too strong. Just make sure to shake the bottle before every use.

6. Yuja C Dark Spot Clear Essence

Yuja, or yuzu, is a citrus fruit commonly found in East Asia. It is rich in Vitamin C, which was utilized to formulate this essence to combat dark spots. This essence comes with 93% yuzu extract to effectively treat hyperpigmentation. It also contains niacinamide, a known skincare ingredient, to help brighten the skin more effectively.

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7. White Grape Fresh Up Foundation

White grapes make the best chardonnay and sauvignon blanc, but did you know you can also use them in a foundation? White grape extract is a powerful antioxidant that can increase your skin’s sun protection while improving your skin’s barrier and moisture retention abilities. This foundation comes with a buildable formula to provide you a smoother canvas, along with the benefits mentioned above. It is a lightweight foundation that will not make you look cakey and greasy throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

Unique beauty products are not always harmful to your skin, especially when it comes from well-established brands. Don’t fear these kinds of products as they are most likely beneficial for you. Keep in mind that these products are tested and formulated by professionals. Give these products a chance, and let us know what you think!