Loose Abdominal Skin? Take Care of It With a Tummy Tuck

Loose abdominal skin can be a frustrating problem to deal with, and there is very little that you can do to get rid of that excess tissue. After an individual gives birth or loses a significant amount of weight, they are often left with quite a bit of excess tissue throughout the midsection. The skin could naturally tighten up over time, but sculpting an eye-catching abdominal area without professional help is going to be very difficult. During the tummy tuck procedure, your surgeon is going to carefully remove the excess skin and reposition the underlying muscles to create a well-balanced and toned physique.

Starting With Liposuction

Lipo is an ideal option for those who are having a difficult time getting rid of localized pockets of fat. Exercising and following a healthy diet will eventually result in weight loss, but that process can take quite a bit of time. To quickly and safely eradicate unwanted fat, you might want to consider cosmetic surgery. Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world, and millions of patients have benefited from that fat removal operation.

Lipo usually takes around one or two hours to carry out, and the majority of patients return home on the very same day. To begin the procedure, a general anesthetic will typically be administered so that the patient remains asleep throughout the entire operation. Once the anesthetic has been administered, a small incision can be made near the pocket of fat that is going to be extracted. The tissue itself is removed with a small tool known as a cannula, and that device can be used to manually break apart the fat. Once the fat has been removed, the incision is sutured shut and a compression bandage is placed over the site.

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Dealing With Loose Skin After Losing Weight

To minimize your recovery time, you might want to consider having a tummy tuck procedure carried out at the same time as lipo. By combining those procedures, you will only have to go through a single recovery period. In many cases, the surgeon can also carry out both of those operations with a single incision. The tummy tuck itself is an ideal option for anyone who is struggling with loose skin or bulging soft tissue in the abdominal area.

To perform a tummy tuck, the surgeon is going to make a small incision just below the waistline so that the scar can be hidden underneath the clothes. The surgeon is then going to remove excess skin and fat to create a flatter stomach. If the underlying abdominal muscles have been damaged, then those can be adjusted as well. The final step in this procedure is fully or partially suturing the incision shut before placing a compression garment over the abdominal area.

The Results

Well before you have either of these procedures carried out, you should begin making sweeping lifestyle changes. Most surgeons suggest that their patients maintain a consistent and healthy weight for at least a few months before they consider having any major cosmetic procedures carried out. Staying at a consistent weight and sticking to healthy lifestyle practices will reduce your risk of post-op complications and greatly improve the results.