How Much Fat Can Be Removed During the Liposuction Procedure?

Losing a significant amount of weight is going to be a very difficult process for most people, and it might take you years to sculpt the body of your dreams. If you want to speed that process up, then you should consider undergoing liposuction in Beverly Hills. That massively popular operation is one of the leading treatments for those who want to remove localized pockets of fat. Once the fat has been removed and you have fully recovered, it will be much easier to maintain healthy lifestyle habits.

The Typical Results

Every patient is slightly different, and that is why the results aren’t always going to be the same. As a general rule, surgeons won’t want to remove any more than 11 or 12 pounds of fat during this procedure. That is why it is so important for patients to begin making sweeping lifestyle changes well before the operation takes place. If you have quite a bit of fat to remove, then your surgeon might be able to come up with a personalized treatment plan that involves additional fat removal. The full results of your operation should be apparent almost immediately, and you will be given extensive instructions regarding what you can do to keep the fat off.

To learn more about what can be achieved with liposuction, you should take a quick look at some before and after images. Those photos will show you what types of results most patients enjoy. After you have glanced over the images, you can then make a phone call to your surgeon to discuss liposuction in Beverly Hills. That consultation is the perfect time to ask any questions that you might have as well as discuss your cosmetic goals. If you both agree that you are a good candidate for this procedure, then you can schedule a date for your operation.

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Liposuction Surgery

This operation can be carried out with a general or local anesthetic depending on your preferences and overall health. Relatively healthy adults who are getting a significant amount of fat removed might want to receive a general anesthetic that puts them completely to sleep. A local anesthetic is only going to numb the treatment site, but it is often used in conjunction with a strong oral sedative. Once the anesthetic is working, your surgeon can make a thin incision near the pocket of fat that is going to be removed. While this procedure is often carried out on the abdomen, you can also have fat removed from the legs, hips, back, chest, neck, and upper arms.

After the incision has been made, a small tube known as a cannula will be used to break the fatty tissue apart before it is extracted. The surgeon might also need to alter some of the nearby soft tissue so that area is smooth and toned. To complete your operation, your surgeon will fully or partially suture the incisions shut. As long as there aren’t any complications, you should be able to head home with a loved one on the same day.

Why Liposuction?

Unlike some other body sculpting procedures, the fat is physically removed during liposuction. As you can see from the before and after images, the results can be astounding, and you should be able to maintain them for a lifetime as long as you remain healthy. To learn more about the many benefits of liposuction, you should schedule your first consultation with a cosmetic surgeon who has plenty of experience with this advanced operation.

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