The 3 Ways In Which Diet Is Negatively Affecting Your Skin

Taking Care of Your Skin

Everybody is concerned about keeping their skin in good condition. It takes having a good skincare routine to make sure that your skin is hydrated and healthy. It involves using products that work with your skin type such as the best ylang ylang essential oil among other ingredients. The story doesn’t end with just using the right products, however.

This means that your diet is also a factor in the condition of your skin. It is really important to eat right to make sure that your skin is being taken care of from the inside as well. In this article, we will go over several signs that your diet is responsible for some of the problems your skin is giving you.

1. Acne breakouts

Acne is something that affects just about everybody at some point in their life. Breakouts can usually be prevented by using the right products that have ingredients in them that will disinfect the skin, clear away dead skin cells, and prevent sebum from building up. However, when you are doing that and still having breakouts you have to look into some other causes.

Diet plays a huge part in whether or not you will be getting acne breakouts even when you are otherwise taking good care of your skin. For instance, insulin is something that can cause acne and happens naturally in your body based on what you eat. When you eat foods that spike your insulin, then too much sebum, or natural oils, are produced that end up clogging the pores.

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Processed foods that are high in carbs and sugar will lead to a spike in insulin and cause a breakout. Stay away from fast food and sugary treats and your insulin will remain at normal levels.

Use fresh ingredients and cook from scratch and your skin will love you for it.

2. Dry and irritated skin

Keeping your skin hydrated is the key to having plump and smooth skin that isn’t irritated or itchy. There are tons of products available that will keep your skin hydrated. However, you are fighting an uphill battle if you aren’t also drinking enough water.

During the summer, the heat causes you to sweat and lose water through your skin. It is important to keep up with the water loss by drinking multiple glasses of water per day. In the winter, it is also important since the dry air will deplete the skin of moisture very quickly. Since you feel less thirsty in the winter, it’s easy to not get enough water.

3. Bags under the eyes

When you have dark bags under the eyes you probably immediately think you aren’t getting enough sleep. Although this is usually the cause, it can also be poor diet habits.

You may not be getting enough collagen from the foods that you eat. Look into eating some fatty foods like pork or chicken wings to get some collagen into your diet. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan then try eating avocado more often and things like almonds.