Enhancing Your Breasts With a Mommy Makeover

Many different operations can be added to the mommy makeover procedure, and that includes a breast augmentation and breast lift. Those two procedures are incredibly popular, and they will completely revitalize the look and feel of your breasts. They are great options for mothers who are unhappy with their bodies because of deflated, sagging, or asymmetrical breasts. Following your mommy makeover, you will be able to enjoy perkier, fuller, and well-balanced breasts for many years to come.

Pregnancies and Changes to Your Breasts

Most mothers realize that being pregnant and nursing can have a very big impact on the look of one’s breasts. During your pregnancy, your breasts could increase in size or become lopsided. After you give birth and nurse, you might begin to notice issues such as drooping or deflated breasts. Becoming a mother can also affect the size and placement of your nipples and areolas. Unfortunately, dealing with those cosmetic issues on your own is going to be nearly impossible, and that is why many women are now choosing the mommy makeover procedure.

As you can see from these before and after pictures, mommy makeovers typically include a breast lift, breast implants, or a combination of those two procedures. An experienced surgeon will be able to gently adjust the placement of your breasts and create a perkier appearance with a breast lift. If you would like to increase the actual size of the breasts, then implants can be used as well.

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Deciding Which Treatments Are Right for You

While doing some research online and looking over mommy makeover before and after pictures will be a great start, you must also consult a reputable surgeon like Dallas plastic surgery doctor who has experience with this combination procedure. That consultation will give you the opportunity to explain exactly what you would like to accomplish. You are also going to learn more about the pros and cons of each individual operation that can be added to a mommy makeover. With that information, you and your surgeon will be able to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan that enhances the size, shape, and placement of your breasts.

What Is the Procedure Like?

This operation is highly personalized, and every case is slightly different. For the vast majority of patients, a mommy makeover is going to take at least four or five hours to complete, and a general anesthetic is typically the preferred sedation method. Once you have been sedated, the surgical team can begin the process of adjusting the breast tissue, adding implants, removing localized fat, and excising loose skin. Once the procedure is over and you have been cleared by a nurse, a loved one will be able to drive you home.

The Recovery and Results

You should plan on recovering for at least a few weeks following your mommy makeover, and most patients can’t exercise for one to two months. During your recovery, you must be very careful around the incisions and treatment sites. Relaxing at home, staying hydrated, and getting plenty of rest will speed up your recovery and reduce your risk of post-op complications. Around seven or eight days after your procedure, some of the inflammation and discoloration should begin to fade away, and that is when you can carry out light chores and other non-strenuous tasks. By the third or fourth week, the side effects will most likely be completely gone, and that is when you are going to notice the amazing results of your mommy makeover.

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