The Many Benefits of the Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast implants have continued to be very popular over the last few decades, and they are a great option in many different situations. Unfortunately, those cosmetic devices also have a few distinct drawbacks, and some surgeons now prefer alternative treatments. The breast augmentation with fat procedure is an excellent option for patients who would like a quick, safe, and effective way to enhance the size of their breasts. This operation can provide you with many different benefits, and it might be exactly what you need to finally feel comfortable with your body.

Why the Fat Transfer Procedure?

Over the last few years, various fat transfer procedures have exploded in popularity. While other cosmetic operations can be highly effective, this type of treatment has a few advantages that you might want to take a closer look at. One of the biggest benefits of the breast augmentation with fat procedure is the fact that the patient’s own soft tissue is going to be used. Instead of using foreign materials and compounds, the patient’s fat will be injected back into the body, and that greatly reduces the risk of any unwanted complications.

Fat transfer procedures are also a great option for patients who are struggling with localized pockets of fat. The first step in one of those operations is gently removing fatty tissue from various of the body. If you are tired of unwanted fat in the arms, midsection, or legs, then this type of augmentation could be an ideal treatment for you. As you can see from the breast augmentation with fat before and after photos, this operation can sculpt multiple areas of the body during a single treatment, and the results will last for years with the proper aftercare.

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How Are These Treatments Carried Out?

This advanced procedure is carried out over the course of a few different steps, and most patients are given a general anesthetic that keeps them asleep throughout the entire operation. After your anesthetic has been administered and you are fully asleep, the surgeon will make one or more small incisions where the fatty tissue is going to be harvested. Once they have removed the fatty tissue, it is going to be refined so that all of the dead and damaged cells can be removed.

The next step in the process is administering multiple doses of the patient’s own tissue throughout the chest. Working with a skilled surgeon is particularly important during this stage because the soft tissue must be strategically injected throughout the breasts. While you might not notice the full results right away, the breast tissue typically stabilizes within two or three months. After that time, all of the side effects should have faded away.

Deciding If You Are an Ideal Candidate

Choosing if this procedure is right for you is a very personal decision that is going to take quite a bit of consideration. As long as you are a healthy adult who wants to safely enhance the size of your breasts, then you will most likely make an excellent candidate. The best way to determine if this operation is right for you is to work closely with an experienced cosmetic surgeon. After you have taken a look at some breast augmentation with fat before and after photos, you should then consult with a doctor who fully understands the many aspects of this operation. One of those medical professionals will be able to come up with a treatment plan that helps you meet your cosmetic goals.

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