Top 10 Benefits Of Babywearing For Parents And Babies

If you are looking for benefits of baby wearing, then you came to the right place. Babywearing is a parenting method that has been popular in some communities for thousands of years. There are already many benefits of baby wearing and we will explore them in this article.

I am going to talk about the top 10 benefits of baby wearing for parents and babies. Baby wearing is a trend in parenting that is very popular with many different different types of people.

Your babies will be the toughest bosses you’ll ever come across. They require your complete attention and are not familiar with the term ‘patience.’ These tiny creatures neither look at the time nor the situation their parents are in before they start crying.

Nevertheless, the love of parents never ceases for their tiny munchkins and they try their best to cater to all the needs of the baby while fulfilling their other duties and responsibilities. After the arrival of the babies, parents become a superstar of multitasking, that too with one hand.

One hand of the parents is always holding the baby and they have to do all their tasks with the other hand which can get quite difficult. If you too are facing this issue, then you are in the right place.

The simple solution to this problem is to get a babywearing  for your newborn. It will allow you to stay close to him and keep your hands free to finish up your task quickly.

What Is Babywearing?

Carrying your baby around your body is called babywearing. It can be either in a sling or a baby carrier. The concept of babywearing is not new. It is a century-old practice of many different cultures and places, especially in Native America.

There are numerous types of baby carriers available in the market. Whichever, you decide to purchase, do so after proper research of its benefits and drawbacks. After all, it is about the safety of your tiny bunny.

Since the practice of babywearing is centuries old, it must have been beneficial for the mothers that it is still being practiced, right?

In today’s article, we will highlight the amazing benefits of babywearing for both; parents and babies.

Here are 10 Benefits Of Babywearing For Parents And Babies

There are many benefits to baby wearing. You will find that most parents take babywearing for granted once they have a solid routine down. So let’s take a look at just some of the benefits of baby wearing.

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1 Keeps The Baby Engaged

The early years of your baby’s life are of utmost importance as they become the foundation of his physical and cognitive health.

To boost the cognitive development of a baby’s brain engaging his senses is quite helpful. If your baby lies all day he will only be using his visual senses. But, if you are wearing the baby, you engage his visual, auditory, and tactile senses.

The baby will view different things as you move and do your chores, he will listen to people conversing, chirps of birds, traffic noise, etc.  Moreover, he will feel the warm sunlight on his skin too if you take him outside in this position.

To put simply, a baby will get a lot of exposure to their surroundings and different things that will keep his sense engaged.

2 Soothes The Baby

The best way to calm a cranky baby is to keep him closer to you. The world is a new place for a newborn. He feels unprotected by his surroundings and the new people he meets. His parents are the only people he trusts and feels safe around them.

Whenever the baby cries, his brain muscles become tense and stressed. If he cries more often than his body will release cortisol which can be harmful to the baby’s brain.

Keeping your newborn close to you will make him feel protected and relaxed. He will not cry when he is close to you. You can wear the baby and continue with your chores. You won’t have to worry about leaving your baby alone or sprinting to calm him down.

Moreover, rocking the baby while wearing them will relax their brain muscles and they will fall asleep faster.

3 Reminds The Baby Of His First Home

Before the arrival of the baby in this world, your body was the first home to him where he spent 9 months of his life.

If you wear the baby in a front-facing position, he will be able to listen to your heartbeat as he used to when he was inside you.

Also, he got used to moving around a lot. Now you might be wondering how a baby can move around as there isn’t much space inside. Well, a baby doesn’t move, but when his mama moves he becomes familiar with those movements.

If the mother moves around with the baby close to her, it reminds the baby of his old home. He feels safe and relaxed being cocooned inside the baby carrier.

4 Traveling Becomes Easier

Either you have to go grocery shopping, or hiking, babywearing will allow you to do it with ease.

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It is difficult to handle the baby along with other stuff when you are outside or traveling somewhere. With the help of a baby carrier, you can easily move around with your baby.

A lot of parents might think that a stroller provides the same benefits, but it doesn’t. First of all, you’ll need to use your hands to move the stroller. Secondly, if you are moving on a busy street, it is a struggle to find the way through the crowd with a stroller. Thirdly, during hot weather, the metallic and plastic parts of the stroller can easily heat up and it can make your baby uncomfortable.

However, with babywearing, these issues do not arise.

5 Offers Convenience

Piles of laundry to be folded, a heap of dirty dishes, cleaning the room, making dinner, and a wailing baby can be a nightmare for the mothers as they only have 2 hands and the one will already be booked by the baby.

Thanks to babywearing, you can finish all your tasks and attend to your baby whenever he needs you.

Your hands will be free and you can do all your tasks without the risk of hurting your baby as he will be resting safely inside the carrier.

6 Helps The Parents Stay Active

Looking after the baby is not a joke. He needs your constant attention and care which might leave little to no time for physical activities.

New moms will be able to relate to it more. They are the ones who get worried about their changing bodies after the delivery and cannot wait to shed unwanted pounds. Exercising with a newborn to look after might seem like a fantasy to them.

You can turn the fantasy of exercising with a newborn into a reality with babywearing. It allows you to perform simple exercises to keep your body active and torch the calories. Walking is the perfect exercise. It has numerous benefits such as improving one’s mood, strengthening leg muscles, and burning calories. With the help of babywearing, you can easily walk in the park without having to hold your baby.

7 Keeps The Germs Away

Babies are sure to melt everyone’s hearts. It takes a lot of control not to hug and kiss the random babies that you meet in your way. However, some people cannot control themselves to touch the soft chubby cheeks of babies. Though they do it out of sheer love and adoration for your baby, they might expose your baby to harmful bacteria which can be transferred from their hands.

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Keeping in view the current situation of the global pandemic, it is more than important to keep your babies protected and distant from everyone. By babywearing, this problem can be solved too.

It is easy for strangers to touch your baby when he is in the stroller. However, they will feel uneasy to reach for your baby when he is close to your chest.

8 Helps Your Baby To Sleep

Watching their babies sleep is no less than a blessing for tired parents. If your baby cries throughout the day his brain becomes stressed and he will give you a tough time falling asleep.

With babywearing, your child can easily fall asleep without throwing any tantrums. A baby feels safe and secure when he senses his caregivers around. If you have an important task during the sleeping or nap time of the baby, then you can put him in the carrier.  Rock for a little while and your baby will be easily lulled to sleep in no time.

9 Helps Bond With The Baby

Babywearing provides an excellent opportunity for parents to bond with their babies. The baby not only stays close to you but also listens to your heartbeat, senses the temperature of your skin, and inhales your smell. It allows him to connect with you and recognize you.

As for parents, they can quickly shower their little ones with endless kisses, cuddling, and hugs. Wouldn’t it be amazing to kiss your baby whenever you want without even picking him up or lowering yourself down?

 10 Helps Nurse In Public 

No more gawking and uncomfortable stares while you nurse your baby. Babywearing will make it easier for you to nurse your baby without having to use a nursing cover or any other blanket.

It becomes difficult for mothers to feed their babies while covering themselves with a cloth. However, with baby carriers, your baby can easily feed as he will be close to you.


A baby carrier can prove to be your best purchase. It will allow you to continue with your life chores without neglecting your baby even for a single minute.

Are there any other advantages of a baby carrier? Enlighten us by commenting below.

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