Why buy a Baby Carrier?

If you are expecting twins and consider a sling/ baby carrier instead of a large stroller you can go for a Twin Baby Carrier. Or if you already have twins and wonder if you will be able to do any activity hands-free ever again, you can consider buying a Twin Baby Carrier.

Baby carriers grow popularity because of the need for ease in the lives of busy people. The demand for the baby carries are expanding due to the busy schedules of the parents.

What do experts say?

Researchers has proven that the proximity and the touch will positively affect the health of a baby and also a powerful way to bond with babies. A Twin Baby Carrier will provide you an ergonomic and safe option to provide comfort and close interaction with the babies. Make sure to buy a Twin Baby Carrier that will adjustably offer the perfect fit regardless of the body type.

Advantages of baby carriers

  • Good for social and cognitive development
  • Prevents flat head syndrome
  • Babies may cry less
  • More consistent weight gain
  • Stable body temperature and heart rate
  • Good for babies’ hips
  • Helps fight colic
  • Baby will get better sleep
  • Help preemie development
  • Convenience, comfort and freedom
  • Reduces postnatal depression
  • Easy to breast feeding in public
  • Forms closer bonds between the parent and the babies
  • Keeps the creepers and germs away
  • Can go anywhere while baby-wearing
  • Easy to exercise and lose weight for moms

What is a Twin Baby Carrier?

A twin baby carrier is a clever contraption that allows you to hold two babies at the same time giving you a chance to keep your hands free. This is one of the best solutions if the twins are very young and you want to keep your babies close to you always.

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A Twin Baby Carrier can be worn in various positions. They can be worn for toting the babies while doing any kind of day-to-day activity like cleaning, vacuuming, etc.
Many parents love to have their twin babies in twin slings or twin baby carriers. It will not only make them feel close all the time, but also keep a careful look on your two babies. It will also make your hands free and you can continue doing your daily tasks. Your babies would love to stay in a carrier or a sling because they may feel a constant close contact with their parents. It would be comfortable and warm for them.
But you have to consider ensuring safety before using a twin baby carrier.

How to select the best one for you

For newly born babies, go for brand like Boba, K’Tan or Nesting Days in the first several months. You will have a hard time using a usual soft structured carrier as Ergo because many newborn twins are smaller than most and Ergo is bit big for tiny babies.
To have the confidence to wear a baby carrier and to learn some different ways to wear your twins in various wraps, watch some YouTube videos. Follow the instructions well listed in the user’s guides.

You have to select a soft structured carrier according to your lifestyle. You will be able to use these until the second year. Thus, you have to choose accordingly. Before using the softest structured carriers, you have some time and you can decide when you have a better handle on your needs.

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If you are new to baby wearing and wondering whether you could do it or not properly, don’t be worried! Once you start you will realize how easy to get into it and how comfortable it is. A twin baby carrier will be great to soothe two fussy toddlers while doing all your household work easily.

Safety points

  • It will take some time to master the art of taking the babies in and out of the twin baby carrier.
  • Mostly baby carriers are suitable for younger babies because when growing the babies will not prefer to be in a carrier.
  • There are only a limited number of baby carriers designed for twins. So, make sure you choose the best one for you.
  • Before each time you put the baby inside the carrier, make sure all the fastenings are secure. Don’t proceed without checking them properly.
  • Before putting the baby in, make sure to adjust the straps.
  • Tie the sling properly.
  • To avoid slipping or falls, wear flat shoes that are comfortable.
  • When carrying the baby, be careful when leaning or bending.