5 Fun Outings You Can Do With a Newborn

Your newborn has been home for a few weeks and you’re starting to get antsy for some out-of-the-house time. But what are some good ideas for outings that can be done with a newborn? There are plenty of options that are sure to satisfy your need to get out of the house and keep both you and your baby comfortable. Check out some of our favorite outings that you can do with your newborn!

1. A Walk Around the Park

Getting out and taking a walk is not only a great way to get a little exercise in, but it’s also a great activity to take advantage of with your little one. Bring along the stroller or strap them into a baby carrier to keep them close and comfortable. This is the best baby carrier we’ve been able to find! Bring along your lunch and stop to enjoy it with your baby. You might also consider inviting along some other moms with newborns to join you on your walk- the more the merrier!

2. Mommy and Me Classes

Mommy and Me classes are a great way to bond with your child and meet other parents in the same stage of life as you and your family. Do some research to see which Mommy and Me classes are available in your area. While some cost money, they are often inexpensive and, in our opinion, totally worth it! From music classes to story hours and even some swim classes, you’ll find that this is a great way to break up your routine and get out of the house to enjoy something new with your little one.

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3. Trip to the Coffee Shop

Taking a quick trip to a nearby coffee shop is another fabulous option when it comes to outings with a newborn. Keep it short and sweet by just swinging by to pick up your favorite beverage, or bring along a book and snuggle your little one while enjoying the ambiance. This is a great option because of how simple it is, and it’s a great way to enjoy some different scenery while still being able to keep both you and your baby comfortable.

4. Find a Farmer’s Market

What’s better than buying local and supporting small businesses? Hitting up the local farmer’s market is a fun and easy outing to plan with your baby in tow, and will certainly prove to be just as enjoyable for you. Strap them into the baby carrier and be sure to bring along some bags to carry whatever goodies you find while perusing the market. Do some research to find the days and times for your local farmer’s market and start planning your outing.

5. Take a Hike

If getting out and enjoying the great outdoors is your thing, then taking advantage of a hike could be just the thing for your next outing with your newborn. Keep in mind your little one’s schedule and plan accordingly. Do some research to find a trail nearby that works for your specific needs and get out on your adventure. Be sure to bring plenty of snacks and water for you, as well as whatever feeding supplies you’ll need for your baby. You never know when mealtime will strike with a newborn!

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So as you start brainstorming and planning some fun outings that you can take advantage of with your new bundle of joy, be sure to consider some of our favorites! Taking the time to get out of the house with your baby will work wonders for you, and is a great way to help your little one learn how to acclimate and transition. Happy planning!