Some Interesting Tips to Make Your Baby Laugh

How to make a Baby Laugh? It is so simple and exciting thing to make your baby laugh. Use simple games to amuse your baby. Catch up the funny moments and save in your album for unforgettable cherishing moments.

Babies love to laugh that is so really cute. Babies laugh at a new sound or listen to different sounds. Making a baby laugh is easy through simple games and can be a welcome distraction for new parents dealing with a fussy little child.

Using Simple Games to Amuse Your Baby

Playing games, dancing, singing songs, and tickling are good ways to make your baby laugh. These games will definitely help a baby develop some early cognitive skills.

Start playing when your baby is happy

Before you make them laugh, make sure you and your baby are in a good mood to play without any tension and commitments.

Babies can mimic laughter even at an early age. Many babies laugh out loud at 3-4 months of age. Babies will laugh in response to bright colors, toys, and other people’s laughter at 3-9 months age. So make them chuckle according to the age and noise.

Play up the absurd

Show some funny faces like showing the wider eyes, pulling out your tongue, pulling out your lips, show funny faces and actions on faces create more fun moments baby find silly and funny.

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It is very nice to see a smile on the baby without teeth. More than a baby laugh, parents love to see the laugh and give countless kisses to the baby. It is quite natural.

Babies more than 6 months love this funny faces especially find hilarious to see cute funny faces. Also make funny moments by different noises and some baby fun activities like a pan on the head, pot on the head, dance with pot, etc.

Also, laugh in response that is very important. Repeat the funny faces and dances to make your baby laugh.

Make funny movements & show different colors

Create some funny movements like dancing, clapping, singing and dancing, play in their tummy, and some interesting movements to make your baby laugh and smile.

Baby always sees your usual face. If you make funny gestures it’s new for baby so this funny gesture makes the baby laugh.

Play some audio songs and with hand puppet do some dances & movements will make your baby giggle. It increases the bond between you and your baby.

Babies love to see new colors. Dress with vibrant colors or show some interesting color combinations with some funny faces gives guffaw to a child.

Try making funny noises or singing songs

Babies love to hear some unusual sounds. The funny noise or unusual sound makes baby attention towards you funny sounds makes them chuckle. Try some interesting songs like hokey pokey or its-bitsy spider.

Play a farting noise. It is an unusual and something different noise that makes the baby ha-ha smile. Once you feel the baby likes the noise, repeat the noise frequently and make them laugh with a cute little mouth.

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A lot of kids love to hear animal and cartoons sound. Record audio of funny animals sound or some cartoon characters; allow it to play during playing hours with the baby. They laugh continuously and make you also to laugh with their lovely smile.

Do not aloud or startling, the baby may get scary and affects the health badly. Go for chunky, humpy songs and dance for an infinite laugh and more fun-filled moments.

Try out some physical games

Some kinds of physical games help them to laugh out loud. It creates a physical bond between mother-baby relationships. Make your baby happy with loads of love and happiness.

Tickle your baby:

Do tickle to the baby continuously and create funny and smiling moments together. But do with the minimum tickling; an excess tickling may annoy the baby.

Crawl your Baby:

If your baby is crawling, get down and crawl after the child. You start to laugh and crawl at the baby; they also repeat the same crawl at you and laugh at you. The cute smile of the baby makes you proud and creates more affection towards the baby.

Blow Raspberries:

Make raspberries by blowing bubbles on their face and tummy, kiss them and no doubt baby laugh with a cute smile and show their teeth lees mouth is the funniest moment. Do repeat this activity every day to see a smile on your face and your baby’s face.

Nose Capture:

Capture the nose of the child, pretend them you are stealing the nose and show thumb between the finger, baby giggles out and request to repeat this game again.

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Increases the bond between parent-baby

Some baby love to listen and respond to us with a cute little smile, it creates a beautiful bond between the mother and child. When you repeatedly say one word like, what dear? Do you want to speak? What do you want to speak? Like this, it responds like hmm, hmm and shows their cute little smile to us. We never leave the place at that moment. Whatever the busy schedule we have, we just forget those tireless jobs and start to sit along with the baby to love their smile.

The smile of the baby helps to forget our worries and clear all our problems. The baby smile shows unconditional love to their parents. The relationship between baby-parents grows day by day as the baby growth. Feel the happy moments and capture for future memory. Enjoy Parenting!!