5 Benefits to Using Natural Diapers for Your Baby

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When it comes to baby products, most parents would agree that three main priorities come to mind: comfort, safety and ease. We want to make sure our little ones are safe and comfortable at all times, but we also need products that are accessible and affordable. This is a big reason many parents still haven’t hopped on the natural diaper train – they’re too hard to find, too expensive or simply don’t seem necessary.

We’re here to debunk that! The truth is, the benefits of using natural diapers (specifically those made with cotton and plant-based materials) outweigh the ease of using disposable ones – and they don’t have to break your budget. In fact, natural diapers are an all-around better choice for not only your baby’s health, but your peace of mind (and what could be more valuable than that)?

Here are a few reasons to consider making the switch:

Traditional diapers may include potentially harmful chemicals.

We take so much care to make sure our babies aren’t ingesting harmful foods or chemicals – but the fact is, we may be exposing them to just as many harmful substances in the environment or on their clothes (albeit in smaller or more diluted amounts). And because these disposable diapers aren’t strongly regulated, it’s hard to tell exactly what’s in each brand.

Chlorine bleach (a carcinogen), parabens (skin irritants), and formaldehyde (another toxic irritant) are just a few of many harmful toxins that can be found in traditional disposable plastic diapers. Not only can they cause irritation and rash on your baby’s bottom – the chemicals may also have an impact on their allergies or irritate their eyes and lungs.

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In addition to these stronger chemical contaminants, disposable diapers may also include dyes or fragrances that your baby is sensitive to (even though you may not realize it right away). The lining of the diaper is the place where many of these dyes and chemicals will settle, which is why a natural diaper with a cotton lining is the way to go.

Diaper rash? Never heard of it.

A lot of people accept diaper rash as an unavoidable aspect of having babies. While there are several factors that can cause a rash from time to time, they are often caused by irritation and discomfort from plastic-based disposable diapers. This is largely due to the fact that these disposable diapers don’t allow your baby’s skin to breathe or release moisture, so they are more prone to developing rashes. Couple that with the harsh chemicals used to make these diapers, and your baby’s bottom isn’t really being set up for peak comfort.

Natural diapers made with organic or plant-based products are much gentler on your baby’s skin and will allow the skin to breathe much more easily. Plus, the plant-based materials won’t irritate their skin and will soothe it much better if they do happen to develop a small rash.

Mother Earth will love you and thank you.

Did you know that, according to RealDiapers.org, disposable diapers are the third-largest single consumer item found in landfills? Even worse, they can take up to 500 years to fully decompose. Those numbers are even more startling when you consider the fact that most babies will go through 6,000 to 7,000 diapers on average throughout the first 2.5 years of their life.

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While cloth or washable diapers are technically the most “eco-friendly” diapers available, they are not quite as easy to use or affordable to find. Natural diapers can be a much more desirable option, and serve as a happy medium between the easy nature of disposable diapers and sustainability of cloth diapers.

Cotton-based natural diapers are more comfortable and absorbent

In addition to reducing the amount of discomfort caused by rashes, natural diapers (specifically those that are lined with cotton) are typically more comfortable and easy for your baby to move around in. While plastic diapers are designed to be easy to move in as well (and many do contain at least a bit of cotton), imagine how it’d feel if you were the one wearing it – isn’t a nice pair of cotton underwear much more appealing than a thick plastic?

Plus, when designed correctly, cotton-lined diapers can be several times more absorbent than plastic-based diapers (in case you were wondering, our Kudos diapers are 7 times more absorbent) – meaning even less discomfort caused by sogginess or heaviness. This also lowers the risk of rash, since your baby won’t be sitting in as much moisture.

They’re more accessible than ever

The cherry on top of the natural diaper route is that they’re easier than ever to find online or in stores! Finding the right brand really depends on your budget, personal preferences and your baby’s comfort level, but they’re easier than ever to find.

Ready to make the switch? Give Kudos a try.